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10 Ways to Optimize Your Offer on TaskShift to Attract High-Paying Clients

TaskShift gives you an ideal freelance platform to attract high-paying clients and earn bigger and better than many other platforms out there. Sadly, it is not always easy for some freelancers to find clients and start earning the day they join the platform.

It is not like the freelancers lack the experience or asking for exorbitant fees, but it is the lack of Offer optimization that keeps them from pulling clients.

The first thing that every client would see while exploring the TaskShift marketplace is the portfolio or Offer of freelancers. If the Offer fails to draw attention due to poorly written titles or low-quality sample portfolios, clients wouldn't certainly have any reason to click the offer and browse it.

If you are sailing the same boat and stuck with little to no Orders at all, this guide is for you. So, read on and find out how you can optimize your Offers for increased sales and higher earnings in no time.

10 Offer Optimizations You Better Do Today For Maximized Sales

  1. Hook Your Clients With a Clear and Catchy Title

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The shorter and catchier your title, the highly likely a client will click it.

Your Offer's title should be clear enough to convey the type of service you are offering. Pull the attention of your clients by adding other necessary details, such as you will deliver a professional logo along with the source file. But make sure that you don't outrun the character limit.

When it comes to titles, it is important that you also make them SEO-friendly so you can draw clients to your profile through Google search results as well.

Use Keyword-enriched Title

The use of keywords in the offer title notifies the search engine that your offer is relevant to the specific buyer’s search intent.

Add more than one keyword in your offer title e.g. “I will create a professional logo design.”

“Create a professional logo design” is one keyword and the second keyword is “logo design.” That’s exactly how you can do the right title SEO for your offer.

How Will I Know If My Title is Working?

At TaskShift, we provide you with statistics against all your Offers. You can go to your Offers tab and check stats like Impressions and Clicks to see how well your Offer title is performing. Experiment with different titles and settle on a title that results in higher impressions and clicks.

  1. Write a Detailed Description

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As with anything you sell online, your product description is what will most likely convince a potential buyer to order your service. 

Make sure to include as many details as possible. Leave no stone unturned as to what it is that you’re offering. 

Your offer description is also where you will need to include: 

  • What services and benefits the buyer can expect from you.

  • How much time you would take to deliver the order

  • Number of revisions (if any) that you offer

  • How much experience you are in the field and if you have anything to back up your claims.

Always conclude your description with a call to action so that the buyer can immediately order your service if you meet their expectations and requirements.

Use Keywords in Discussion

Devote some time to examine your competitors to understand what specific keywords they used in their offer. 

However, don’t overuse keywords in the description as it would put off clients and make your profile look spam. Let’s take an example: 

“Do you want a logo design for your business? Worry not! Because I am an expert who creates professional logo designs in 1 day.”

You see a keyword “creates professional logo design” but it doesn’t look like it’s been forced to be used in the sentence. 

Your description should be toned down enough that even a 4th grader can make any sense out of it. After all, your clients can be from anywhere in the globe, and it is not always necessary that their native language would be English.

Tip: Spelling and grammar are very important. Many freelancers are turned down due to a lack of attention to detail in their work. If you’re not fluent in English, take help from someone to assist you with your offer description. 

  1. Use Accurate Tags

how to attract clients

When creating an offer, you’re asked to add 5 relevant offer tags.

Choose the best keywords that are relevant to your title and description and define your services well. 

For instance, people looking for logo design services mostly search “Logo Design, Logo animation, Logo business, Logo minimal.”

If you’re selling WordPress Fixation services, then try adding the tags like “Fix WordPress, WordPress, WordPress Customization, Fix WordPress Issues.”

Tip: If you are clueless about which tags are best for your services, search for other offers that are similar to your services. Check their profile and scroll down to see the related tags at the bottom of their offer description. 

  1. Upload or Add a Video

How to attract rich clients

First of all, to optimize your offers and attract clients, you have to make sure that all your offers look good and appealing.  

Creating an explanatory video of 30-120 seconds is ideal for conveying your message. This will increase the number of impressions on your offers, and it is a no-brainer that videos perform better than text. 

You don't need a very professionally created video to make an impact. You may easily get away with a basic video of “you talking to the camera.” But make sure that your content is clear and your audio is crisp. 

The other way round is to search for freelancers who are offering video-making services at affordable rates so they can make a nice video for your offers.

  1. Use High-Quality Images

how to find rich clients

To optimize your offers and attract more clients on TaskShift, another important factor to consider is to use appealing high-quality images in your portfolio section. 

Yes, image quality plays a bigger role in the optimization of your offers.

If you're using a pixelated or low-quality picture, there's a risk that customers may mistakenly believe your service is of poor quality.

There are a lot of freelancers who overlook this thing and often use blurry or low-quality images created in 10-15 seconds with the phone.

It is highly recommended that you devote time and only upload high-resolution images that are crisp and appealing

Remember that clients are more likely to avoid and prefer other freelancers’ offers if your portfolio pictures are irrelevant or of poor quality.

  1. Offer Market-Competitive Rates


An average selling rate is the average amount of money you make on TaskShift from your orders. 

Buyers may search for offers based on their budget. When they choose a budget, your offer will appear since your average selling rate matches their budget. 

This is something to keep in mind from the beginning when you first start selling since changing the average selling rate gets difficult after you complete a couple of orders.

Tip: If you manage to have a regular customer, see if you can work for them for a while and earn a combined order to keep your average selling rate up.

  1. Stay Online 24/7

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TaskShift account is your digital shop so as long as you stay online, it indicates your shop is open and buyers can easily land on your offers to get your services.

Now, if someone offers a service that 100+ other sellers offer too, the first one who responds to the buyer is most likely to get the job.

The best way to show your clients that you respond fast is to maintain a higher response rate. If you are logged in via your mobile, keep checking notifications to respond to chats promptly.

  1. Maximize Offer Packages

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There are three offer packages available on TaskShift: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. You can either choose one, two, or all three of them. Packages offer you a great way to upsell your services for added earnings.

To get started: 

  • Write a brief title for the service you are offering

  • Add a description with the details of your offering

  • In the “Delivery Days” drop-down menu, select the number of days it will take for you to complete your offer

  • Select a price for your service (starting from a minimum of $5, up to the maximum price for the type of offer).

For example, if you are offering 1 logo design in the Bronze package without the source file, you can offer 2-3 design concepts in the Silver and Gold Packages (with source files).

  1. Promote your Offers on Social Media

Sharing your TaskShift offers on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn can attract clients and may show a twofold increase in your sales. 

As most of the public is active on social media, there are higher chances of getting impressions, clicks, and even orders. 

You can get started by finding groups and pages that are relevant to the niche you work in or that matches your potential buyers' interest. Start engaging in those communities and contribute your fair share of knowledge.

Once you develop a good reputation in the communities, you can start with soft-selling or even direct sales pitches. Asking your clients to order you on TaskShift allows you to prevent any fraud and scams as well.

  1.   Ask for Reviews

Positive reviews help attract more clients. The issue for most individuals who are attempting to rank is that they have no reviews, to begin with. 

It's an issue since many other offers with great reviews may be priced similarly to yours. 

With good ratings influencing 90% of customers, it's natural that your offer will be the one left behind every time.

TaskShift will also prioritize offers with the best ratings above others.

What you have to do is to put in some elbow grease to earn your first sales and reviews and you need to go above and beyond to ensure that you start the offer with 5-star ratings.

Offer your services at a lower price to drive more initial sales. Significantly lowering your pricing may seem like a stomach blow at first. 

However, once you’ve got a handful of great reviews, you can always level up your prices. Finally, never feel shy to ask for reviews. It is your right to ask for feedback as it allows you to improve upon your shortcomings and deliver better services in the future.

Things to Consider When Optimizing Offers

  • Take your time to read all TaskShift’s Terms of Service. By reading the ToS, you will avoid the practices that could end up getting your account banned.

  • It’s good to go through other freelancers’ offerings and profiles in your niche. Get a good idea of how other people accomplish things and then start doing it yourself.

Good Luck Selling on TaskShift!

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