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10 Reasons to Invest in Your Web UI/UX

Web user experience is the next critical investment that businesses need to consider in 2021 since 70% of businesses fail due to mediocre UX. In other words, having a good UX for your website can help you make your business stand out from the competition, deliver customers an intuitive and enjoyable experience, and thus, improve conversions.

Let’s take a quick look at the most important 10 reasons you should invest in a website’s UI/UX design and how hiring a web designer can help improve your business. 

User Interface vs. User Experience - An Often Misunderstood Term

  • UI (user interface) is the design that goes into how an end-user will interact with the website. It includes all of the buttons, menus, and other design elements shown to the end-user.

  • UX (user experience) is about how an end-user feels when interacting with your app. It includes animations, responsiveness, the end user's initial impression when they open the site, etc.

UX is a more sustainable and holistic perspective to the product. It considers the person's needs, requirements, and other aspects that may have an impact on the use of the product and the resulting experience.

UI, on the other hand,  focuses more on the aesthetics of a website. UI makes sure that the product is easy to use for everyone by considering their individual needs and abilities.

The difference between UI and UX design boils down to the focus of each discipline: UI focuses more on usability, whereas UX focuses more on sustainability. 

10 Reasons to Invest in UI/UX

  1. Increase Sales and Market Share

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Experiments show that customers make up their minds about a company's services within 15 seconds of landing on the website. A UI/UX design is the first touchpoint, and it determines buyers' impressions of the company and its services.

Consumers are becoming more demanding and want to feel like they matter, but more importantly, they want to feel like it's worth their time and money for them to use your product again. The only way you can do this is through good UI/UX design that's intuitive and easy to understand. If you fail at this, you risk your users leaving quickly or never coming back. 

  1. Decrease Bounce Rates

A poorly designed UX can deter visitors from revisiting a website, leading to the dreaded "bounce rate." This is when someone visits your website, views one or two pages, and then leaves without engaging with your business or buying anything.

Users often make an immediate judgment about a website based on its appearance. If they feel that it's poorly designed, they may not explore it further, leading to higher bounce rates. By investing in UI/UX design, you can improve your site's appearance and subsequently decrease bounce rates.

  1. Customer Retention

The design of a website or an app can make or break it. It is necessary to hire web designers—If you want the most out of your website.  A UI/UX designer can develop a design that will captivate the user's attention and make them stay on your site for hours. 

A website with a poor UI/UX will not attract new customers and will have difficulty retaining the existing ones. Companies that invest in UI/UX design often see an increase in customer retention.

  1. Decreased Development Costs

The most important benefit of investing in UI/UX is that it helps to reduce development costs by eliminating the need for extensive visual changes on many pages of a site. Many businesses hire web designers to increase their conversion rates. It is a cost-effective way for companies to increase revenue in a competitive market.

Experts advise businesses with small budgets to invest in UI/UX because it provides the best ROI and reduces development costs. Investing in usability and user satisfaction has been proved to increase net profits and revenue by increasing customer lifetime value (CLV).

  1. Removes Burden from Customer Support

It's important to hire freelance web designers as it can help you reduce your customer support costs. A good UI/UX design ensures that the customers can easily find what they're looking for without any assistance from customer service agents. A good user interface will help guide customers, reducing confusion and preventing customers from calling in customer support too frequently.

  1. Good UI/UX Supports SEO