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About Our Community

TaskShift is a freelancing community made for freelancers. We are challenging the status quo and our goal is to give freelancers fair compensation for their work which they deserve. We only charge 13% fee from all successful projects completed so freelancers get to keep 97% of their income.

For our community to grow we need help from our members to market their offers on social media and encourage their clients to order your services on TaskShift.

We will keep our end of the responsibility by keeping the quality of our community standards high by verifying all parties and ensuring fair and efficient dispute resolution. Also we will not stop developing and will keep on improving our platform with feedback from our community.

We welcome you to the most affordable freelancing community online and wish you a good start.

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Frequently asked Questions

We are here every step of the way to help you get started on your journey to make
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Joining the TaskShift family is pretty simple! You can either log in via any of the social accounts such as Gmail, Facebook, and Linkedin, or you can create an account with a few simple steps. You have an option to view the marketplace as a client or a freelancer, which you can switch anytime.

You can sell your services by creating "Offers" under "My Offers" menu. These "Offers" are published in the marketplace, where potential clients can view your offers and place orders. Additionally, you can share and promote your TaskShift “Offers” on social media.

You can create ‘Offers’ via ‘Create Offer’ and then start adding the details that are required. You’ll be asked to provide a detailed description of the service you are offering and your charges for it. You are free to create up to three variations (Bronze, Silver & Gold) for every offer. After you’ve completed all the details, you can submit the “Offer” for admin’s approval.

Once your “Offer” has been approved by the admin, it will automatically be published in the marketplace. The Clients will now be able to see your services and place orders.

You can create up to 5 Offers. Additionally, if your clients have special requirements, you can always create a custom order.

We are the most affordable freelance platform. Our signup is free, and you do not pay for any offers. We only charge 13% of the project cost to cover our administration costs. It is a very small fee for the peace of mind you get.

Thank you for choosing TaskShift, and welcome to our community. Clients are always looking for trustworthy and experienced service providers. Therefore, we suggest you use the best practices and make a good impression. It will increase your chances of acquiring more projects.

Gain Trust by:

  • Completing your profile
  • Getting your Email and Phone number verified
  • Verifying your identity (upload your documents so we can verify it)

Show Experience:

  • Complete the section “Experience” in your profile
  • Upload images for your past work/portfolio

Performance & Customer Experience:

  • When making offers, be clear about your services and offerings
  • Communicate clearly and respond to inquiries fast
  • Go beyond to get good reviews, which will make your profile worth more


  • Right title for your offer highlighting your service.
  • Select the appropriate category for your offer.
  • Provide adequate details for your offer.
  • Highlight if something is not covered in your offer.
  • Attach thumbnails or relevant information from your previous orders.


  • Do not copy information from others for your offers.
  • Do not use fake portfolios.
  • Do not select the wrong category.
  • Do not share any contact information like email or phone in the details.
  • Do not write very lengthy descriptions as clients may lose interest.

At the time of ordering, clients are required to deposit the amount into our escrow account. It offers protection to both client and freelancer, by giving them equal control over the funds. Only clients can create and release the payment but they cannot cancel the deposit without raising a dispute.

Once your funds reach the minimum amount required for withdrawals, you can request them to be withdrawn from your TaskShift account. You can have them withdrawn to any of these methods.

● International Wire Transfer

● Paypal

● Western Union

We are constantly adding new withdrawal methods and will keep updating the list.

Steps to withdraw funds:

1. Click “Welcome {your name}” on top of the screen, select “Finance,” and click Withdraw Funds.

2. Select your preferred method to receive your earnings. The available payment methods and charges will vary from country to country. Wire transfers generally have a $25 processing fee.

3. Provide the details required for your selected withdrawal method.

4. Indicate how much you wish to withdraw. The minimum withdrawal amount is USD 25.

5. Click Withdraw Funds to submit your request.

6. For the first withdrawals, it takes up to 7 days to clear your account before your withdrawal request is processed. Subsequent withdrawal requests will be processed within 4 working days.

You can sell services in the following categories:

  • Graphics Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Content Writing
  • Video Production
  • Software Development & IT

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