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Refer a Client

Refer a Client and Get 100% Discount

Invite your clients at TaskShift to get a 100% discount on orders worth up to $100.

Invite a Client. Get More Orders. Keep 100% of Your Earnings.

If you like the idea of a relatively lower commission and better earnings, ask your clients to sign up on TaskShift.

When your referred client buys your offer on TaskShift, you will get to keep 100% of your earnings.

We will charge you a zero-percent commission on orders worth up to $100. Consider it as a token of appreciation for our hardworking freelancers.

What is in it for My Clients?

Our "Refer a Client" program is set to benefit both freelancers and their clients. When clients buy offers from any freelancer on TaskShift, they get a 20% discount on their first five orders.

Your clients' 20% discount is on us, and we will not charge it from your or any other freelancer's earnings.

  • Separate emails with commas.
  • You can invite a maximum of 5 clients at a time.