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Can’t find the right SEO service provider for your business? Explore TaskShift freelance marketplace for professional SEO experts who can help you ensure improved SERP rankings, increased traffic, and more conversions.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a set of processes that allows you to improve the visibility of your websites on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. With better visibility comes increased traffic on your website, and with that, you get more sales. Search engine optimization services aren’t limited to link building as they may also involve technical SEO audit services, keyword research, GTM setup, local SEO services, guest posting, community marketing, and other on-page and off-page SEO services.

When it comes to freelance marketplaces, you can find SEO freelancers who can offer you full-package expert SEO services or help you with specific areas like link building and keyword research. In other words, you can hire SEO professionals for your entire project as well as from particular tasks.

Why Is SEO Important for Your Business?

Creating a visually appealing or seamlessly functional website isn’t enough to bring you potential traffic and good sales. To ensure that only your target audience comes to your website, you need to incorporate the keywords that they use to search for your business. This is how you get visibility on search engines, and this is how you land potential organic traffic to your business web pages.

Without a search engine optimized website, you cannot expect traffic, let alone a potential buyer or customer. More importantly, the more the keywords you are ranked for on search engines, the more traffic you can expect on your website.

Whether you are operating in a local market or offering your services on a global scale, you need high-quality SEO services. You can hire local SEO professionals to optimize your website for a regional market. You can also find a professional SEO expert for hire on marketplaces, who have worked in your industry, understands your needs, and brings you the desired results.

Who Are SEO Experts?

Search Engine Optimization service providers, also known as SEO specialists, understand how a search engine works. SEO experts keep themselves abreast with the latest search engine algorithms and factors that influence SERP rankings. They have access to SEO tools, such as backlink analyzers, keyword research tools, and content optimization to make your website content search engine compatible.

Freelancer SEO Specialists’ Job Responsibilities

A freelance SEO specialist’s job role main include:

  • Develop a sound SEO strategy for your website after a thorough analysis of your industry, search trends, and competitors
  • Conduct comprehensive keyword research and create content pillars across the funnel
  • Conduct technical SEO audit, recommending any fixes with crawlers, core web vitals, and more.
  • Collaborate with web developers to fix and optimize the technical SEO of your website
  • Perform on-page optimization, ensuring that your website targets all the right keywords that are searched by your target audience
  • Create and implement a backlink strategy, which includes white-hat SEO practices, such as paid posting, sponsored posting, and community marketing
  • Create and implement key performance indicators to ensure that the strategy is aligned with the business and meeting objectives

How to Hire a Freelance SEO Expert?

Hiring SEOs requires thorough research into the type of services you require, the skillset, industry experience, and the platform where the resource is available. Here are some quick steps that you can take to find and hire the best SEO service provider in town.

Determine Your Needs

Before you look for an SEO specialist, you must determine the type of SEO service that you require for your website. If you cannot pinpoint the exact service you need due to a lack of SEO knowledge, you can hire a freelance SEO who can offer you a full-service package.

If you are still confused, here are some standard SEO services that businesses often require.

  • Technical SEO Audit: These guys are skilled at fixing the technical configurations of your website that can make the platform search engine friendly. A technical SEO may look into and fix a website’s page experience, crawl errors, URL structure, HTTPS protocol, and broken links, to name a few.
  • Local SEO Services: If you are targeting a specific regional market, you may need the services of a freelancer SEO who is skilled in local optimization, such as optimizing domain for regional marketing, added to Google business, and more.
  • Keyword Research Expert: Targeting the right keywords is essential for your business to drive targeted traffic to your web page. With the help of a keyword specialist, you can explore high traffic and the best converting keywords for your business.
  • Link Building Specialist: A strong backlink profile is imperative for your SEO strategy, which makes link building an ongoing process. A link-building expert can help you drive high-quality links from top domains.

Browse the Right Platform

Now you proceed to find a platform where you can get your hands on a huge pool of talented freelance SEO specialists. When looking for a freelance platform, here are a few things you should keep in mind:

  • Paid and free features that the platform offers
  • Availability of Live Chat so you can resolve your concerns without having to wait for weeks
  • A strict and reliable Dispute Policy that ensures fair business between you and the SEO freelancer
  • A reliable fraud detection system adds to the security of your money and time
  • Commission charges from buyers or clients

TaskShift checks all the boxes when it comes to fair treatment, reliability, and affordability. At TaskShift, you don’t have to pay any commission to our platform for doing business. You pay only to the freelancer.

Since we have kept our commission charges low, it eases the worries of freelancers who then keep their service charges reasonable.

With our human-powered 24/7 Live customer support, you never have to wait for a day to get your concerns resolved and your questions answered.

The best aspect is that with the combination of an advanced fraud detection system, fair Dispute policy, and Escrow, you are guaranteed fair business and security of your money.

Most important of all, we have a huge list of verified and capable freelance SEOs who can’t wait to treat your business as their own and help you achieve top rankings on SERP.

Screen Potential Freelancer SEO Experts

Once you have picked the right freelance marketplace, it is time to shortlist and hire an SEO expert. Start by browsing the Digital Marketing category of TaskShift, and go to SEO Services.

You will see a list of a plethora of freelance SEO specialists offering their services in different areas, such as link building, technical SEO audit, and keyword research, to name a few. Sort the freelancer SEOs by their ratings and reviews.

The higher the ratings of the freelancer, the better the service quality they offer. Along with the ratings, you can find the number of reviews they have acquired from previous clients. Skim through a few reviews of the shortlisted freelancers to understand the type of person you would be doing business with.

Also, you need to check the industry-relevant experience of the freelancer. If you are operating in the e-commerce industry, it is best to hire freelancer SEO who have done SEO in the e-commerce industry. After all, advanced SEO strategies may vary from industry to industry.

The final mark in the checklist would be the cost of SEO services. Narrow down the shortlisted candidates by the cheap SEO service cost the freelancers are offering.

Hire the Potential Candidate

Now that you have screened the candidate, it is time to place your order so the freelancer can start working on your task as soon as possible. Make sure that you have a project brief ready by the time you place your order. It will allow the SEO specialist to understand the scope of the project and its objectives.