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Hire the Best Web Designer to Build a Stellar Business Website

Get professional web design services at TaskShift by shortlisting and hiring the best freelance web designers backed by top ratings and excellent reviews.

What is a Web Design?

A business website is the digital version of your brick-and-mortar company. Just like you can’t afford to lose customers with a rundown brick-and-mortar company, you can’t expect to attract users with a lackluster website.

An aesthetically compelling website not only helps you attract visitors but also gives off a professional demeanor. It also builds the credibility of your online business and conveys your mission and values.

Do I Need to Hire a Web Designer or Design It Myself?

With easy-to-use content management systems, CMS, like WordPress and Squarespace setting up a website has never been easier. You can go through tutorials and use website templates to set up a business website. You can even customize the looks of your website according to your requirements. But to do that, you need to be skilled in web design technologies, such as:

·         Wireframing

·         CSS

·         HTML

·         JavaScript

·         UX fundamentals

·         Etc.

More importantly, you need to dedicate an ample amount of time to design, set up, and QA quality assurance the final product before taking it to live online.

Do you have enough time and skills to design an intuitive and appealing website?

As a business owner, you should spend your valuable time on setting up your business, formulating strategies, and bringing clients or customers. As far as your business website is concerned, let a professional front-end web designer take care of the design.

Why Do You Need to Hire a Professional Web Design Service?

Your website is the only medium through which your customers can interact with your business. Therefore, it is vital to have a professionally designed website that is visually attractive, feels easy on the eyes, and offers an intuitive experience to help users navigate easily.

Having no technical expertise in web designing isn’t the only thing you should opt for the best website design service. You need professional service or a designer if you want. 

Customization: A bespoke website is designed as per your exact requirements and business needs. Depending on your business nature, you may want your website to have a store description and a cart, or you may want a one-page design but with parallax effects. A capable designer can create a fully customized website as per your needs.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is an integral part of a web design strategy. If your website’s design is broken with different image sizes, inconsistent layout, or confusing them, the website may not perform well on a search engine. And if you lose the search engine war due to a non-SEO-friendly website, you lose potential customers.

Timely Launch: You need your business website up and running in no time and without delays. You can ensure the timely launch of your website if you allow a professional designer to create your website. As web design is skilled in different technologies and has years of experience, they can create a website without delays.

Where Can I Find Best Web Design Services?

You can find many people on social media platforms who are willing to work on your web design requirements. You can interview these individuals and shortlist them for your project. However, there are also high chances that you may end up with a fraudster.

When you do business with freelancers directly, you cannot ensure that the person is legit. You don’t have access to their portfolio and past work. Even if they forward you some work, you cannot make sure that it belongs to them. Moreover, these individuals may ask you to pay more than the usual market cost of a web design. 

To ensure quality work and security of your money, it is recommended to hire freelancers on a freelance marketplace like TaskShift. Here are some benefits of hiring professional website designers on TaskShift:

Value for money: TaskShift boasts a huge pool of verified, trusted, and experienced web designers from across the world. You can check the credibility of the website design specialists by reviewing their ratings, clients’ feedback, and portfolios.

Affordable design services: Web designers at TaskShift charge relatively lower for their design services than designers on other marketplaces. The reason TaskShift is an affordable marketplace is that it charges as low as 3% commission from freelancers. With a lower commission rate, freelance website designers at TaskShift don’t feel the need to increase their service costs.

Verified Web Designers: TaskShift ensures fair and secure business between buyers and sellers. Every new account holder on TaskShift must get their profiles verified before they can add their offers or buy services on the platform. With a stringent verification process, buyers and sellers get to work with each other with peace of mind.

Security of money: TaskShift’s advanced fraud detection policy coupled with identity verification and Escrow make a secure platform for outsourcing top-rated freelancers with peace of mind.

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