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Freelance Grant Writing - A Job That Pays Even In Pandemic

During these tough times, when the effect of Covid-19 is wreaking havoc on industries around the world, people are shifting their attention to the freelance industry.

When it comes to freelancing, there are a plethora of options to go for. But today let’s put some light upon something that most people rarely heard of: freelance grant writing. 

If freelance writing is something you enjoy doing, there are a ton of different writing jobs you can do, out of which one is freelance grant writing.

This is a lucrative writing niche that only a few writers pursue, making freelance grant writing jobs easy to come by.

So, let's look at what grant writing is, how much do they make, how you can become a grant writer, and where to look for these jobs. 

What is Freelance Grant Writing?

Freelance grant writing

Let's take a step back and revisit some of the basics before we venture into the nitty-gritty of how to write a grant.

Grant writing is the process of obtaining funds to finance activities that are aligned with the overall purpose of an organization requesting the grant.

As a grant writer, you’ll fill out a grant application for support from a foundation, company, or government agency that provides grants.

It can be as simple as requiring only the disclosure of some basic financial details, or as complicated as requiring lengthy instructions and nuanced, well-crafted responses.

Freelance grant writers must have a keen eye for detail, good skills in research, and a thorough knowledge of nonprofit organizations, finances, sociology, politics, and similar topics. 

It's a job that necessitates a diverse skill set as well as a sense of curiosity. Freelance grant writers will use all of these elements to create well-thought-out, persuasive applications that help their clients secure critical fundings.

Learning grant writing is similar to learning any other form of writing, and once you've mastered the basics, you'll be able to find a freelance grant writing job in any industry.

Freelance Grant Writing Rates

Freelance Grant Writing Rates

Freelance grant writing rates vary greatly from state to state and are often influenced by their educational history. 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay for a professional writer (which includes grant writers) is $72,850.

According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual pay for a freelance grant writer in the United States is $58,045/year as of May 12, 2021.

According to Glassdoor, the entry-level freelance grant writers in smaller markets will earn about $40,000 a year.

Salary will soar beyond $60,000 in larger markets, on more complex ventures, and with a considerable amount of experience.

Some freelance grant writing jobs are quick and simple, and you'll just be able to make for a few hundred dollars. 

However, as you gain experience and move up the corporate ladder, you will be able to write comprehensive grant applications for federal government agencies, which can boost your freelance grant writing rates and bring in thousands of dollars.

How to Find Freelance Grant Writing Jobs?

Freelance Grant Writing Jobs

  1. Freelance Marketplaces

Hunting and securing freelance grant writing jobs through online marketplaces is the simplest and most convenient way to earn money as a grant writer. 

Unfortunately, many renowned online platforms barely offer freelance grant writing jobs and if available, there’s a lot of competition out there. 

So look for a new and affordable freelance marketplace that offers legit projects with lower commission rates and better earnings. 

These platforms are a great tool to showcase your portfolio, set your own rates and land amazing freelance grant writing jobs without any hassle of bidding and begging for projects.

Even though there are other ways to find jobs besides freelance platforms, if you're just starting out, this is the best place to find stable and long-term work.

  1. Job Boards

There are loads of freelance writing job boards out there. They are great for new freelance grant writers as they:

  • Have new jobs every day, even hourly.

  • Offer a low entry point. To put it another way, a lot of job advertisements state that you don't need a lot of experience to get the job.

Below are the top three picks to get hands-on a good freelance grant writing job.

  • Indeed

  • LinkedIn Jobs

  1. Facebook Groups

On Facebook, there are a lot of opportunities for writing gigs and online work. You should have no trouble finding consistent work if you know which groups to join.

However, this method takes time as you're building relationships with potential leads.

It's never a bad idea to try something new and put yourself out there! 

Many business owners are unaware of work boards or simply do not have the time to sift through hundreds of pitches, so they may prefer hiring through Facebook groups.

Some Facebook groups to join are:

  • Christian Entrepreneurs: Building Your Business with Purpose

  • Remote Jobs, Work Anywhere – Inventive Hub

How to Break into Freelance Grant Writing?

how to break into freelance grant writing

  1. Obtain an Undergraduate Degree

how to break into freelance grant writing

A bachelor's degree may be required by employers for freelance grant writing positions. Your degree will assist you in developing the excellent skill set required to write grants. 

To become a freelance grant writer, you do not need to major in English, but a major that requires persuasive techniques or extensive writing could be beneficial. 

To prepare for a career in grant writing, you may want to take courses in journalism, marketing, public relations, creative writing, and other English-related programmers in addition to your major. 

  1. Polish Your Skills

freelance grant writer website

Next to securing a degree, you may want to improve your grant writing skills. You can do this by taking a grant-writing course or obtaining your grant-writing license.

Introduction to grant writing courses are typically available at community colleges and universities, or you can find online training that covers the basics of freelance grant writing in a matter of weeks.

Many tools are available online for free or at a low cost. The American Grant Writers Association, for example, offers online grant consulting and grant writing courses as well as certification opportunities.

Other than that, you can check out Nonprofitready.org or the Grant Training Centre to ease your hunt of finding free grant writing courses.

It’s good if you go for these professional development courses and certifications as they can make your resume stand out and can help you learn skills that you can apply right away in the field of grant writing.

  1. Gain Experience

how to find freelance grant writing jobs

Most typical grant writing jobs require at least two years of experience but freelance grant writing comes with its flexibility. 

A volunteering opportunity is a perfect way to gain experience as a grant writer. Many clients choose to hire freelance grant writers who have worked in the sector for which they are writing grants.

For example, if you want to write grants for a healthcare organization, volunteering or interning in the medical field could be beneficial. 

It becomes easier to write grant proposals when you are familiar with a particular industry.

  1. Build Your Portfolio

freelance grant writing rates

A strong portfolio is a ticket to success in any field of freelancing. If you are a freelance grant writer, you ought to have an online portfolio with your best-written pieces. 

Remember that clients don't have time to go through numerous files to evaluate their skills. They will most likely judge you based on the first couple of writings you present, so make sure to show your best work only.

Also, make sure to organize your portfolio whether it's on your own freelance grant writer website or any of the third-party sites.

For example, if you have worked in more than one niche, you may categorize your grants by industry or some other criterion that you think will help the client navigate your portfolio. 

  1. Expand Your Network

freelance grant writer website

Networking is key and will help you boost your online presence as a freelance grant writer. It’s a good idea to use your social media handles as well to promote your services. 

Networking through social media will help you extend your services to a larger pool of people and may land you unexpected clients through referrals from friends and family.

Besides this, you must join genuine freelance platforms, work on your profile, introduce your relevant portfolio, and create your own offers. 

This way, your portfolio would bring in the clients to your doorstep in less than no time.

Make sure to present your profile to clients and organizations in a way that’ll push them to discuss how you can help them improve their writing process

How to Write a Grant?

grant writing jobs from home

In order to be considered for a grant, freelance grant writers must have a thorough understanding of the details that must be included in their application.

It's important to remember that there might be hundreds or thousands of other businesses vying for the same grant.

Here are a few things to bear in mind when writing a successful grant proposal:

  • The population or demographic that is being impacted

  • The problems that the grant will solve

  • If the grant is approved, what initiatives will be funded?

  • The plan should be well-written and cover all aspects of the application.

  • How will the project be handled and implemented?

  • The proposed budget and the intended usage of the funds

Industries That Offer Grant Writing Jobs from Home

grant writing jobs from home

  1. Education

Education grant writers can provide grant writing services to local elementary, middle, or high schools, colleges, and technical schools.

  1. Housing

Writing housing grants aids in ensuring that low-income families have safe and adequate housing.

This may include constructing a house, renovating an existing property, assisting in the prevention of eviction, or providing low-cost housing to those in need.

  1. Health

Jobs in health grant writing can include a wide range of projects. The aim of health grants is to improve people's physical and mental health in their communities.

  1. Animal Welfare

Animal welfare may refer to a variety of things.

This can include writing grants for pet education, assisting in the establishment of healthy shelter environments, and preventing overpopulation.

  1. Arts and Culture

Grant writing work in the arts and culture sector can include ventures in dance, music, performing arts, local arts, festivals, literature, and the visual arts.

An arts and culture grant could be used to open an acting and dance center, for example.

  1. Business

Business grant writing can include a wide range of topics, including start-ups, women and minority-owned businesses, and the need for capital.

The purpose of a business grant is to provide enough funds to start or expand a business.

A woman-owned physical goods company that wants to grow into a larger manufacturing plant is an example of a business grant.

The Bottom Line

As a freelance grant writer, you may specialize in one form of grant writing or broaden your horizons. However, it is strongly recommended to select one particular niche and start there, just as you would for any other form of writing.

It will be much easier to find clients if you have narrowed your focus.

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