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Social Media Video Tips to Engage Your Audience

Social media video is one of the most powerful tools for engaging your audience. With so many platforms to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which one is best suited for your business. Knowing where and how to use video as a marketing tool can help you create an engaging experience that attracts potential customers.

According to many experts, video marketing is vital for the success of any business on social media channels. Although it’s a great way to introduce your business and brand to potential customers, keeping users engaged with videos can become challenging, especially on social media. 

To help you get the most out of your social media video design services, here are some tips for creating and sharing animated content on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The Importance of Social Media Videos as a Marketing Tool

According to a recent survey by Animoto, social media videos are the most effective form of content for companies. Social media users are more likely to share videos (21%) than any other type of content. And social media users are twice as likely to purchase a product after seeing it in a video on major platforms.

Video marketing is a particularly powerful way to engage customers online. In fact, according to experts, 75% of consumers prefer watching a video about a product as opposed to reading text.

If you have a marketing budget, it's essential to make sure your videos effectively drive traffic back to your site and increase conversions. One of the most effective ways to do this is by hiring social media video design services.

Types of Videos You Can Publish on Social Media

As video content continues to gain popularity on social media, you might be wondering what types of videos you should create. Videos can take many forms, but a few are especially successful on social media. The most popular type of videos tend to fall into the following categories:


Stories are short-form videos that were first introduced back in 2014. Stories are a powerful tool for marketing, but they are not something that you can simply slap together.  A story can last up to 24 hours and can be viewed by your followers even if they haven't visited your page.

In the business world, stories are used to help people remember how products and services solve problems. You can do a lot with stories if you know how to use them. You can make your content more interesting and memorable. You can also increase engagement, brand loyalty, and online traffic.

Short-form Videos

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Short-form videos promote products and services in a quick, easy, and concise way. The length of these videos is between 15 and 60 seconds.

Short-form videos are effective because they are the best way to gain attention when you have a limited amount of time. If you have only a few seconds to get someone’s attention, you can do it with an image that is eye-catching and powerful.

According to a study done by Wistia, shorter videos are far more likely to be shared than longer ones. This is because short-form videos are easier to consume and create a sense of urgency.

Long-form Videos

There is a growing trend among social media video editors – long-form videos. Long-form videos are around the 5-10 minute mark. Usually, they feature an expert talking on a specific topic in their field.

Long-form videos are suitable for marketing because they allow brands to tell stories in detail and share expertise. They can also be used as product demonstrations and go viral if they offer value to the audience.

Today, we are living in the era of information overflow. The amount of content that is produced daily is enormous. If you have a product or service to promote and want it to be noticed by people, try producing long-form videos.

Live Streams

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Live Streams are a popular and effective way to connect with your audience. No other form of content allows you to engage with your audience in real-time or reach an otherwise inaccessible audience. 

Live streams can address any topic but are most commonly used for Q&A sessions, live events, and product announcements.

Live streams can be broadcast on multiple platforms, including Facebook Live and YouTube Live. They can also be hosted on a company’s website, such as with Periscope or Hangouts. 

Social Media Video Tips to Produce Engaging Content

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