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7 Best Logo Design Books That Inspire Creativity

A classic book is thousand times superior to every design blog you follow and every web feed you subscribe to. Sure, the internet is fast, and its power cannot be denied, but books allow its readers to internalize, respond, react, and transform better.

While books have proven to be more reliable, the internet is conventional. You can be sure that a source contained in a book is more accurate than one found on the internet. 

So, when you aspire to become a great logo designer, there are some best logo design books that you ought to read to boost your design skills. Even if you are a pro logo designer, you will learn a thing or two that will propel you further in your career.

The 7 Best Books for Logo Designers - For Both Aspirers and Professionals 

  1. Logo Design Love

Logo Design Love

David Airey’s Logo Design Love is something exceptional. It is a great book to start your collection with, and probably one of the best logo books available to date. It will teach you the best practices for integrating a logo into a full brand identity and the top tips to create immortal logos.

It not only breaks down the theme into its fundamentals but also provides an insight into the work ethic of a great logo designer. The book contains excellent imagery to portray the entire process from the initial sketch to the final design.

“Besides the outlandish price, this book was a fabulous find! David Airey does a fantastic job of clearly articulating the process of creating brand identity. Everything from the design process to teaching you the best practices for working with clients. I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the graphic arts or brand identity business.”

Kayla Marie on Goodreads

  1. Symbol

logo design book

Steven Bateman’s book is an inspirational reference book for symbols and logos in their purest form. It's a well-organized and visually appealing display of over 1,300 symbols.

It is easy to navigate when you need a design inspiration because it is divided into groups based on visual characteristics. Every symbol has a caption that tells you who it was created for, who designed it, when it was made, and what the symbol represents. 

“Clearly organized collection of symbols/logos with a concise introduction outlining the history and the importance of symbols for branding.”

Josephine on Goodreads

  1. Logo Modernism

books for logo design

Jens Müller's Taschen logo book, one of the first of its kind, brings together approximately 6,000 logos from the 1940s to 1980s to explore how modernist attitudes and imperatives gave birth to corporate branding.

From media fashions to retail giants, airlines to art galleries, the book contains all and is classified into three design-centered chapters: Geometric, Effect, and Typographic. Each chapter of this logo design book is partitioned into form and style such as the alphabet, overlay, dots, and squares.

The book is jam-packed with plenty of logo inspirations that you'll never feel any need to buy any other books on logo design. 

If you have any interest in design, art, or drawing, this book is totally worth the time. 

Emily Gosling calls it “an unprecedented catalogue of modern trademarks”

  1. Creating a Brand Identity

logo design book for designers

Catharine Slade-Brooking’s “Creating a Brand Identity” delves into the innovative processes involved in creating a good brand identity, one of graphic design's most interesting and challenging tasks.

This best-selling book is perfect for experts and agencies having an interest in Graphic Design, Branding, Brand Management, Advertising, Marketing, and Communications.

There are case studies all through the book which are illustrated with a diverse range of brand identities including digital media, fashion, advertisement, product design, packaging, retail, and more.

“Fantastic read if you're working as a brand identity designer or strategist.”

Omotola Alade on Goodreads

  1. Logotype

design bookLogotype by Michael Evamy presents the most extensive set of logotypes, monograms, and other text-based corporate marks available today. 

This is an invaluable handbook for any design studio, offering a valuable resource to draw on in branding and corporate identity campaigns, with over 1,300 international typographic identities from about 250 design studios.

Logotype is a real source of motivation for logo designers who want to learn the intricacy of typography. Holding the remarkable black-and-white appearance and structure of the symbol, this book is a significant companion volume.

“Extremely well-curated book on logotypes!”

Supriya Raghavendra on Goodreads

  1. Why Fonts Matter