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Top Logo Design Types - Pick the One That Fits Your Business

People tend to remember a brand from its logo rather than its name. Anybody will undoubtedly identify brands like Tata, KFC, and McDonald’s from their logo alone. In fact, a rare few logos like the Coca-Cola logo is recognized by over 90% of the world's population.

Since a logo is one of the first and most important brand investments you need to make, it is imperative that you learn more about the different types of logo designs.

Top 7 Logo Design Types 

A logo can be one of seven different styles. Understanding the various styles of logos is a good starting point in the creation of a business logo.


types of logo designs

Emblems are the most common type of logo. It contains text inside of a symbol which gives the logo a classic feel. These types of logos are usually used by schools and government agencies –because of their formal and official appearance.

But it can also be used by any emerging private business, especially those in the food and beverage industry: think of Starbucks!

Fine linework and small, detailed imagery are common in emblems, which are often more detailed than other forms of logos. However, this may not be the case every time. 

When should you go for an emblem logo?

  • Your brand wants to pay homage to long-standing tradition while also adding a touch of playfulness

  • You are looking for your logo to convey a sense of gravitas, heritage, and prestige

    2. Wordmarks 

    logo design types

    Wordmarks are a form of a logo that uses typography to visually convey the logo design concept. In this case, your logo is literally the name of your business. Google, Coca-Cola, Walmart, and Netflix are some of the examples of well-known wordmark logo designs.

    Logotypes are one of the most flexible logo choices because the design is all in the lettering. They can be easily transferred onto any marketing material.

    When Should You Go for A Wordmark Logo?

    • You're a new business aiming to root your name in the market

    • You’re limited on your budget and still want to establish name recognition

      3. Pictorial Marks

      logo design ideas for business

      The essence of pictorial marks is graphical. The logo in these situations heavily relies on imagery to connect and identify the brand. Twitter's bird symbol, Dropbox's box symbol, YouTube’s play button are eminent examples of pictorial label logos. 

      Take note of how each logo visually expresses something about the brand while using no words at all. Working with pictorial marks can be challenging. You must convey a lot of details without using any words. 

      And oh! we can’t forget the most famous "Apple" logo while talking about pictorial logos.

      When Should You Go for A Pictorial Logo?

      • The brand name lends itself to pictorial interpretation. For example, the Apple logo is a perfect example of a brand name being drawn literally.

      • You want to use an illustration to build a sense of brand personality that you wouldn't be able to do with just your name

        4. Monograms

        logo design ideas

        Monograms, also known as letter marks, are solely typographic in nature. They use a symbol that reflects the company by using the company's initials or the first letter of the name.

        Many businesses use this type of logo because their initials can graphically represent the company better than the full name, the name is difficult to pronounce, or it isn't distinct enough to stand alone.

        Some famous examples of letter mark logo design are BBC, HBO, CNN, and IBM.

        When Should You Go for A Monogram?

        • You have a long brand name, consider creating a letter mark logo. 

        • You aim to ascribe equal visual weight to each word within the name of your company 

          5. Abstract Logos

          logo design ideas free

          When you want to stick with pictures, but move away from literal representation at the same time, abstract logo marks come into play. The most common example of an abstract logo is that of “Pepsi.”

          This style in logo design can evoke a feeling rather than a thought. These types of logo design can be intimidating because not everyone can see a picture in the same way.

          But, what’s cool about this style is that after you've established your brand, no one else would have a logo quite like yours. You'll be well on your way to distinguishing your brand from the market right away.

          When Should You Go for an Abstract Logo?

          • You want your logo to have a pictorial aspect, but you want it to have a greater meaning than most literal pictorial logos

          • You want something out of the box

            6. Mascots

            logo types

            Mascots are pictures of a character that serve as a visual representation of your company. They are perhaps the most family-friendly form of a logo and serve to be your brand's "spokesman." 

            Unlike a traditional pictorial brand logo, Mascots are flexible. They are widely used by sports teams, service providers, and food brands, as they want to get acquainted with potential clients and consumers.

            When Should You Go for a Mascot Logo?

            • Your target audiences are families or children and your brand thrives on being fun

            • You want something adaptable that can evolve with your business and can be used in a variety of ways

              7. Combination Marks

              types of logos

              As the name is quite self-explanatory, Combination logos integrate – blend – both images and words into their design.

              These logos can be made up of any images and words you want; you can combine a letter mark with a mascot, a monogram with an abstract style, or any other combination that appeals to you.

              Consider the logo of “Dove,” the brand uses both a brand mark (the dove) and a wordmark (Dove) on its products, but only the brand mark is imprinted on them. 

              When Should You Go for a Combination Logo?

              • You prefer imagery but need the help of text to explain or share your brand

              • You want a logo that can evolve and change with your business in the future

              Over to You

              Now that you've checked out the various types of logos, it's time to create your own! If you wish to give your business the professional it deserves, it is best to opt for a professional freelance logo designer

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