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6 Definite Reasons Why You Should Hire a Creative Logo Designer

Have you ever wandered randomly around the streets, going window-shopping, and hunting around markets? Did you ever get a chance to notice the brands you look up to? How do you recognize them? Well, it’s the logo that gives them the identity! 

According to Forbes, “you and your business have 7 seconds to make a first impression.” Now, this 7-second timespan clearly indicates that visuals are far more powerful attention-grabbers than words. If you want your brand to stand out, you first need to start with a professional-looking, creative logo, and a creative logo designer is your best bet to get it.

Taking on the 7-second approach, in this article, you will get to know the 7 good reasons why hiring a freelance creative logo designer will be beneficial for you.

H2 Hiring a Creative Logo Designer Would Do Wonders for Your Brand

1. Evaluates the brand with a broader standpoint

creative logo 

The initial step in the logo design process is to categorize and understand brand embodiment and business goals. The world we live in is a competitive space where the face of a brand counts a heap, and people expect to see some wow-factor in it. 

To embed some wow-factor in your logo and live up to the audience’s expectations, you must take notice of hiring a creative logo designer for your brand. A creative logo designer has all the professional and technical skills and is up to date with the latest trends in design.

If you want your logo to speak the voice of your brand and hook customers’ eyeballs, you should hire a creative logo designer for your brand, and you'd be amazed at how the right representation of your brand persona would burst through the world.

2. A Good Call On Colors and Fonts

creative logo designer

At the onset of logo creation, one of the crucial decisions is picking the right colors for your brand. Why? Because each color has its different meaning and psychology that helps create your identity and add versatility to your designs.

The choice of the right palette does not only offer an aesthetic appeal but also helps you visually connect with your customers on a deeper level. For example, red is a symbol of excitement, passion, and anger. On the other hand, yellow is a cheerful and friendly color. 

A creative logo designer would have a profound insight into the psychology of colors and the impact it would have on the audience. 

Similar is the case with fonts. It is evident that most of us can’t name more than 2-3 fonts, but a creative logo designer has a huge collection of various fonts with the ability to choose a font that is perfect for your brand design.

3. A Pro-Choice: Fonts vs. Graphics 

hire a creative logo designer

When we think about a logo, our mind involuntarily takes us to a pictorial or a graphic image. And why not? A pictorial representation of your brand is a unique way of shaping up your brand face. 

But, sometimes, fonts can work even better than images or symbols. Take, for instance, the curvy lettered logo of ‘Coca-Cola’ and the colorful logo of ‘Google.’  On the flip side, pure graphics can be just as impressive as the universally recognized logo of Apple, Nike, Adidas, and much more. 

Making the right call can have a massive impression on your logo. This is where you would need help from a creative logo designer, who can help you make your way easier.

4. The Toss-up b/w Subtle vs. Direct

hire a freelance creative logo designer 

Another important decision in your logo creation process would be whether to make it direct or a subtle one. Well, nowadays, logos are designed with subtle hints pointing towards the brand’s persona. 

Consider the logo of ‘FedEx.’ On a closer look, you’ll spot a white arrow between the letters E and X, which depicts speed, growth, and accuracy. In Amazon’s logo, the arrow that points from the letter A to Z has an intended meaning, although the hint is subtle.

On the flip side, some logos are very clear and leave little to the imagination. Obviously, that does not mean that these logos may not work. In fact, it may work pretty well owing to their clear intent.

5. Pick & Pack: Literal Symbols V/S Abstract

freelance creative logo

You can choose your logo to be either a literal visualization of your brand persona or an abstract. If your brand is likely to receive little publicity, PRs, or other forms of exposure, you may opt to go with the use of literal symbols. 

On the other hand, if your brand has a chance to get more opportunities to attract the target audience, you may pick and choose abstract symbols as well. Consider the logo of ‘Pepsi’ with an abstract symbol in it. 

But again, this is not only a good reason to go with. The choice between abstract and clear symbols also depends upon the nature of your brand. 

A creative logo designer can use their ingenuity to pick and choose the best features for your logo, which can be the perfect driving force to top out anyone in the industry. To get an out of the box logo, hiring a creative logo designer would be a great choice.

6. Gives a Cross-Platform Versatility

Gives a Cross-Platform Versatility 

Your logo should have the agility to stand out and shine on all platforms. This means that your logo is not only for the web pages but also for your official printed stationery, video animations, your app icon, etc. It should not lose its clarity and uniqueness once printed on a small business card or a huge billboard.

Only a creative logo designer can understand the nature of your brand and help to enhance the adaptability of your logo. If you’re a new business looking to outsource your brand stationery, don’t think twice and hire a creative logo designer from the TaskShift Marketplace. 

Final Words

When you hire the right logo designer, you will realize that inventiveness comes naturally to creative logo designers. They effortlessly help you get the most out of your brand, products or services. 

Are you still waiting? If you wish to give your business the glamour it deserves, don’t wait another minute and hire a creative logo designer! 

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