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Which is Better: Freelance Mobile App Developer or In-House?

Mobile apps are an important part of online marketing strategy. Every brand is on the lookout for ways to make their business more visible through mobile applications, and it's no surprise why. According to a recent report by Statista, in 2021 more than 50% of all internet traffic came from mobile devices. 

Regardless, when it comes to creating an app, you have two choices.: hire freelance mobile developers or build the app in-house. The decision is not easy as both the choices seem feasible as well as beneficial. Here are some things to consider when you find yourself in a tough situation between outsourcing app development or getting it done in-house.

In-House Employees vs Freelance App Developers

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Let's take a closer look at both in-house employees and freelance developers. What exactly is the difference between the two? And which option is best suited for your business?

In-House Employees

In-house app development involves the employment of skilled individuals at the company level. Prospective mobile app developers are short-listed and interviewed by companies to see if they are competent enough to join their development team. The selected candidates are known as in-house employees.

In short, in-house employees are hand-picked individuals that are tasked with various roles as a part of the business process. With regards to mobile app development, the entirety of the development process is conducted within the companies premises – hence the term “in-house”.

Of course, this also means that the company has to pay for extra expenses accrued as a result of working in-house. Such expenses can include accommodation, food, travel, internet, and various other office-related costs. 

Freelance Developer

Freelance mobile app development is pretty straightforward. You go to a popular freelance marketplace or visit an online freelancing platform, find the best freelance developer and add them to your team. Pretty easy right?

Although it may seem similar to hiring an in-house employee, the approach and dynamics of freelance mobile app development are completely different. When you hire freelance mobile app developers, they don’t work within your company’s premises. Instead, they can work from wherever they feel comfortable. 

There are many perks of working with a freelancer app developer, such as you don’t commit anything to the individual other than paying for the work they do. However, when you hire in-house developers, you have to pay them a fixed salary, take care of their medical expenses, the utility bills of your office, and its equipment, to name a few. Sure, freelancers are affordable, but they also provide quality work. Furthermore, they can be removed or added to your team any time you want. The same cannot be said for in-house employees.

Now that you know the differences between freelance developers and employees, let's talk about the advantages of each particular option for mobile app development:

Advantages of In-House Mobile App Development

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Operational Control

Hiring employees for your company offers complete control over the business process. Managers can supervise employees at the ground level and can offer swift guidance to new incomers. In stark contrast, when you hire freelance mobile developers, operational control is greatly reduced.

Companies can’t spend countless hours explaining the business process to every outsourced individual they hire. This would be unfeasible and a total waste of time.  

Smooth Communication

Probably one of the greatest benefits of hiring an in-house employee is the fact that you can communicate directly without any hurdles. Employees, managers, and supervisors can discuss important matters without having to set up complex arrangements. 

Furthermore, team meetings and scheduled sessions help in conveying progress to the top brass. On the other hand, seamless communication remains one of the greatest problems with online freelancing. In this regard, hiring an in-house employee is a much better option than relying on a freelancer that lives hundreds of miles away.

Maximum Flexibility

Mobile app development is not a static process. Changes are bound to happen along the way and it is up to the development team to respond by implementing changes quickly. Flexibility is therefore one of the greatest assets in mobile app development.

Luckily, the very nature of in-house mobile app development relies on flexibility and the ability to address changes rapidly. Having a team of developers ready onsite will massively boost flexibility and productivity. 

Advantages of Freelance Mobile App Development