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Convince Your Manager to Allocate Freelance Budget

Freelancers are the new normal. They're everywhere—from graphic design to writing and everything in between. As a result, businesses have realized that it's easier than ever to outsource work rather than hire employees or request existing employees to take on tasks faster and more efficiently.

You've heard about the benefits of hiring freelancers. You understand that there are multiple ways to use their services to add value to your company and make life easier for your team. But convincing your manager is another story. Here are some tips on how to convince your manager that a freelancer budget will benefit the company:

Why Every Business Should Hire Freelancers

Freelancers are the backbone of many businesses and for a good reason. These independent workers can provide a cost-effective solution to your workforce needs, especially when you're just starting out. They can also help you quickly respond to seasonal workloads or unexpected ramp-ups without any hiccups in your workflow.

If you're a small business, you can probably see that hiring freelancers is one of the best ways to expand your product development and marketing efforts without putting any additional stress on your resources.

Freelancers can stretch your budget much further than internal employees for a straightforward reason: their time is their own. They're not paid a salary, and they don't have any of the additional costs that come with freelance benefits, insurance, and other expenses. All they have are expenses related to their job, like equipment, software, and travel costs.

The Need for Outsourcing is Growing

benefits of hiring freelancers

The need to outsource work is growing. Gone are the days when companies had to do everything in-house. Today, outsourcing is the future of business because it allows organizations to focus on their core competencies and gives them access to a global pool of qualified, skilled labor.

This trend becomes even more critical as businesses scale up globally. As soon as a company starts selling its products or services beyond its region, it needs to find local resources for that market. Otherwise, customers are unlikely to buy from them since they won't trust a foreign brand.

The Top Benefits of Hiring Freelancers

Save Money on Overhead Costs

Hiring freelancers is one of the best methods for outsourcing tasks. You can easily hire freelance specialists and only pay them for the completed tasks. Freelance platforms like TaskShift have made hiring freelancers easier.

When you hire a freelancer, you don't have to spend time hiring someone, training them, and managing their work. A contractor works on your terms and does their job as a business. You pay for the work that is completed and not for the time spent on it.

Freelancers are also great for specific tasks. Suppose you need an article written on a particular topic, a graphic designer to make a logo, or even a video creator to create a promotional video. In that case, you can buy exactly what you need without incurring additional overhead costs. 

Scalable and Flexible

With the rise of the internet in recent decades, there has been rapid growth and development of freelance work opportunities.

Hiring freelancers allows you to get more work done within the same amount of time. Freelancers are able to do things quickly and efficiently because they are not spending hours at a time working on one project. They are able to take on multiple projects at once, which can give your business a massive advantage over your competitors' businesses.

A company that hires freelancers is scalable. It is not only easy to hire more freelancers, but it is also easy to let go of them. If one freelancer fails to meet the standards, it is very easy for the company to choose another candidate.

Global Workforce at your Fingertips

One of the most significant advantages of hiring freelancers is that they're easy to find and accessible. You can hire almost anyone with a laptop and an Internet connection.

Freelancers have become the norm in today's workplace. They have become so popular that a majority of businesses now use them. According to a survey, at least 40% of companies are using freelancers on a regular basis. You get access to talented people quickly and pay only for the services you need.

Hiring freelancers is a great way to bring in the right talent at short notice. Freelancers are often willing to jump in and start working before a project brief has been fully agreed, as long as they’re confident that the job is clear and the payment terms are reasonable.

Low-Risk Option

Freelancers are an excellent option for businesses to engage in projects that they cannot normally handle alone. In the digital age where the demand for businesses to operate online is growing, hiring freelancers is a low-risk option for small businesses to keep running smoothly.

When you hire freelancers, you are not putting your future in someone else’s hands. With no long-term obligation, it’s easy and straightforward to get everything done. If a freelancer doesn’t work out, all you have to do is end the contract. 

How to Convince Your Manager to Allocate a Freelancer Budget

Present Your Case

Sales, Marketing, and Finance teams are all trying to get a bigger piece of the budget pie. It’s getting harder and harder to get money from management for marketing initiatives. It’s time to make them see why hiring freelancers is worth the investment.

You need to make a compelling business case that shows how freelancers will help your company grow exponentially. Convincing other people of your ideas is one of the biggest challenges you will encounter in your career. It is easier to make a case for hiring freelancers if you can show how it will benefit the company.

Present Talent and Recommend Freelancers

Businesses need the expertise to grow, but they often overlook freelancers as a viable resource. You need to have the talent ready when your manager gives you the green light. This means that you have to have a pool of freelancers that you know you can rely on. This can be hard if you’re not familiar with the freelancing world.

Estimate ROI

Most managers don't know how to evaluate the return on investment when it comes to hiring freelancers. Often, they don't see the value in hiring a freelancer instead of an employee – especially if their business is just starting out. 

If you want to convince your boss to hire a freelancer, you will have to think like a business owner. You need to be able to quantify the ROI of your suggestion. If you can't, you will have a hard time convincing your boss that hiring a freelancer is a good idea.

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