TaskShift Affiliate Guide

A compelete guide to become a Successful TaskShift Affiliate.

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TaskShift Affiliate User Guide

Welcome to the TaskShift Affiliate User Guide.

  • New Affiliate Registration

    Learn how to register as a new affiliate on TaskShift.

  • Login to Your Affiliate Account

    Learn how to login to your TaskShift Affiliate account.

  • Platform Walkthrough – Dashboard

    Get an overview of the Dashboard that you'll be landing on after login into your account.

  • Offer Linking

    Learn how to get the link of the offers for affiliation.

  • Reports

    Get an overview of your reports about your orders and commission earnings.

  • Earnings

    Get an overview of your earnings and learn how to withdraw your earnings.

  • Settings

    Learn about the settings you can change on the platform.

  • Gradation Pop up Notification

    Get an overview of the gradation popup notifications.

New Affiliate Registration

To start with the TaskShift Affiliate Program, you will need to create an account. Go to the TaskShift affiliate homepage and click “Sign up”

  • Enter your First name, Last name, and email address in the appropriate boxes. Note that you must have a valid email address to complete the registration process.
  • Next, type in your password twice and fill in the remaining details including “Your Country” and “Language.”
  • Recheck the details you’ve put in and click “Register Now.”

Login to Your Affiliate Account

  • After completing your registration, you will be directed to the login page. Enter your username and password and CLICK “Login Now.”

Platform walkthrough - Dashboard

Upon your successful registration and login, you will have an access to your personalized dashboard that will feature important metrics about your Affiliate performance.

Here, you can view your current clicks, registrations, conversions and commission.

  • Clicks: The number of times a potential customer clicked on your unique link.
  • Registrations: The total number of customers registered through your unique link.
  • Conversions: The percentage of transactions made through your unique link.
  • Commission: The total amount of commission you’ve earned on each conversion.

By using the date filter located at the top of the page, you can find a summary of your accomplishments on a daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly basis.

The commission overview chart displays your earned commission (in USD) in line with the number of clicks made in the period of last thirty (30) days.

In addition, at the top right of your dashboard, you can view the number of your total projects further filtered down into the number of orders that are in progress, completed or cancelled.

Offer Linking

On this page, you will come across the “Best Selling Offers” (best-selling services) to carry out your affiliate campaign.

On each offer, you will find a “Copy Link” button through which you can generate your own unique link. When your link is generated, you will see a “Copy” button to copy the link and use it for advertisement.

Your individual ID is included in your affiliate link, allowing you to keep track of each new client you send our way.

Use your specific affiliate link whenever you promote TaskShift’s services to ensure you earn commission for any new users you bring to TaskShift.

If you want to browse through more offers, click on the “Go to marketplace” button at the top right corner of the page.

How Does Your Affiliate Link Work?

Unlike the other Affiliate programs, TaskShift’s Affiliate link does not operate on a 30 days tracking cookie. This means that if the user makes a purchase even after two years since he has last clicked your affiliate link, you would still earn commissions.


The Reports feature allows you to track your overall affiliate performance by displaying the completed, cancelled, and ongoing orders – giving you a complete view of your affiliate sales and earned commission.

The “Offers Report” shows you your affiliated projects (through which you will be able to make commission) and displays their details, including the offer title, freelancer name, project status, offer price, number of offers, starting and end date, and the total offer price.

The “quantity of offers” show the purchasing of quantity orders and the “total price” displays the lump sum amount.

Henceforth, each of your affiliated projects will be displayed in the “Offers Report” section and you can check the details to keep yourself informed.

The “Earnings Report” shows your completed projects with details including offer title, freelancer name, offer price, number of offers, total price, your commission percentage, and commission amount in USD, earned as per the total price of the project.

You may use the day/date filter located at the top of the page to check your filtered reports.


The “Earnings” display a summary of your affiliate orders and all commission earned showing separately the available balance, on-hold amount, and total withdrawn amount.

You can also view the further breakdown of your affiliate activity which shows the date, description, status (completed, in-progress, or cancelled), debit, credit, and balance per order.

Each page will display six order entries. If you wish to view more activity you can click on the arrow at the bottom of the page which will direct you on the second page of your earnings and so on.

If you want to withdraw your earnings, click on the “Withdraw Earnings” button present at the top right of your earnings page.

Once you click the button, the “Withdraw Request” page pops up. Now you can fill in the required details including amount in USD, receivable amount, and select the preferred method of payment.

The available payment methods include bank transfer, Western Union, and PayPal. Note that the withdraw limit of each mode of payment is different which will be displayed at the bottom of the page when you click on any of the methods. Make sure to check the withdraw limit of your preferred method before you request the payment.

If you wish to add any special message, you can add it in the “Description” box.

Once you’re done with the details, you can easily request your payment by clicking on the “Request” button.

In the Earnings tab, you can also view your complete withdraw history including request date, payment method, amount in USD, transaction status, and note (if you’ve added any).

The bin present at the end of each transaction request enables you to cancel your request any time before the transaction is completed. Once the funds are transferred, the bin disappears and the transaction is saved in history.

By default, the tab will display 6 transactions. If you want to view more, you can click on the arrow at the bottom of the page which will direct you on the second page of your transactions and so on.

The different payment statuses are as follows:

  1. Completed – your payment has been delivered
  2. Progress – your payment is under review
  3. Cancelled – your payment has been declined


In the “Settings” you can update your profile information and change password.

Go to “profile Settings” and add all the details. The required details include your profile picture, first name, last name, username, address, country, state, city, postal code, phone number, email address. Once you’re done, click “Save Changes.”

If you want to change your password, click “Change Password,” enter your current password, new password, and re-enter your new password for confirmation. Once you’re done, click “Save Changes.”

Gradation Pop up Notification

When you reach a given amount of monthly sales, you are promoted to the next level and get a commission rate boost. In event of such scenario, a pop notification will appear on your dashboard acknowledging you on your upgradation and advising you on how to maintain it.

In case, you’re downgraded from a higher level to lower level due to inadequate sales, a pop up notification will appear on your home screen to keep you informed.

Check out our tiered commission structure here.