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Digital Marketing , Social Media Marketing

As Social Media Manager I Will Professionally Help With Youtube,Facebook,Instagram,Google


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  • From Pakistan
  • Member Since 14-Dec-2020
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My Name is Muhammad Qasim ,A Social media Marketer, Manager and Graphic Designer as well, I am Helping Business Owner To Expand Their Businesses Every month with a Wallet out Campaign By Implanting the Winning Ad: I would like to work with different industries E-Commerce, Restaurants, Dentists, etc ✔Want to know how we made one of our Gym Owner clients $75,000 from only $10,000 at only 30 days? Member increase from 50 to 300.. What about a Dentist that we generate $30,000 with just $600 bcs 5Patient/day ✔Or what about the Real estate that took $1000? Give us $50,000 monthly revenue thats insane right .. So you can imagine how we can do it for E-commerce So What it Tooks .🤞 ✔Infinity amounts of ad copy, targeting and ad creation. ✔Rebranding ✔SEM ✔Designing High Converting ad ✔Providing value to People and Driving Them ✔Just Drop me a message Looking Forward to our Future Success Muhammad Qasim

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