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Who is a Virtual Assistant?

As a startup owner, you are likely burdened with a limited budget and a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders, such as creating a business strategy and its execution plan, setting up calls with potential leads, monitoring your website’s performance, and managing finances all by yourself.

Virtual assistant services help you take that burden off your shoulders and focus only on fostering your business and leaving the rest of the tasks to a specialist. A virtual assistant is a guy who can take care of all the administrative and other specialized tasks for you. And as it says “virtual,” it means that the individual will be assisting you in your business activities remotely.

Professional virtual assistants are highly capable individuals who can assist you in managing meeting minutes, setting up calls, scheduling appointments, managing your social channels, and even taking care of your marketing campaigns.

Virtual assistants are those freelancers that are highly in-demand across the world. If you look around on Google, you will see that there’s also a demand for Amazon virtual assistants. So, if you are an Amazon store owner, you can hire an Amazon VA for their professional support.

What Services Does an Expert VA Provide?

Some virtual assistants are good at only one job, which is mostly administrative tasks. However, some carry great expertise in specialized tasks. Depending on what type of VA you hire online, you can leverage their talent and skills to get many of your day-to-day tasks done.

  • Most virtual assistants have good oral and written skills in the English language since they have to deal with foreign clients on regular basis. You can make the most of their English skills by hiring their services for administrative tasks as well as content writing tasks.
  • There’s hardly any person working online regularly and doesn’t know how to use social media. If you are VA are comfortable working with social media, such as social media management, page management, engagement with followers, and regular content publication, you can hire them to manage your company’s social media as well.
  • Some businesses require people to get their data writing tasks done in a timely manner, such as filling out spreadsheets, adding sales entries, etc. An expert virtual assistant service provider can help you with data entry and maintain updated records of your journals.
  • The best VA can also assist you in managing phone calls on your behalf. The phone calls might be related to dealing with sales personnel, talking to interviewees, screening people via phone call interview, setting up a meeting with a prospect, etc.

All in all, a virtual assistant is a remote secretary that can help you with many business-related tasks while allowing you to focus on strategies.

Is Hiring a Virtual Assistant Worth It?

Save Cost

For startup and small business owners, keeping a tight leash on their budget is the most important thing that concerns them. When you start a bootstrap business with little money, you can’t hire specialists for different specialized tasks, such as marketing, public dealing, administrative work, recruitment, etc. Consequently, this puts a lot of burden on you and makes you inefficient and unproductive. This further takes you further away from your goals: establishing a successful business.

Virtual assistants can help you save a lot of money and time. Most virtual assistants are willing to take care of every big to a small task you assign to them. They will manage your social networks, set up calls, interview candidates, or take care of any data entry work. By hiring a specialized virtual assistant, you wouldn’t need to hire any marketing guy, HR, or administrator for a while.

By hiring a virtual assistant, you can save a lot of costs which you can invest later in your business, either in hiring more staff or marketing, etc.

Manage Time

As mentioned earlier, wearing many hats to navigate your startup can make you less productive and even frustrate you to the point of demotivation. More importantly, it is not humanly possible for any person to do all the work by himself and have specialization in everything. You might be good in content writing or recruitment, but you aren’t highly likely also knowledgeable in managing marketing campaigns, which further includes SEO strategies, PPC strategies, community marketing, etc.

By hiring experienced virtual assistants, you can always shift the burden and let the other person take care of the tasks you are not good at.

Where to Find a Professional Virtual Assistant Online?

Now, you might wonder, “Where can I find virtual assistant services?” The Internet gives you an amazing opportunity to find talented people on a plethora of platforms. You can find and hire virtual assistants online via social media channels, such as Facebook groups, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You can also skim through online communities like Reddit where you can find expert Amazon virtual assistants who are ready to serve you and your business the moment you hire them.

However, our recommendation is a freelance marketplace, such as TaskShift.

Freelance platforms like TaskShift are the best places to find a virtual assistant, and there are many reasons why you should pick this option. For starters, a freelance marketplace acts as an intermediary between the freelancer and the client, helping them solve any dispute fairly by hearing both the parties, analyzing the facts and proofs, and then making an impartial decision.

TaskShift verifies the buyers and sellers when they create their accounts. Without passing the Identity Verification process, no buyer or seller can place their order or offer their services on TaskShift. This creates a safe and secure environment for both parties to conduct business with peace of mind.

More importantly, you can find a plethora of talented virtual assistants on TaskShift. You can filter candidates by skimming their portfolios, weighing their ratings, and checking the feedback of the clients they have already served.

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