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Refund & Dispute Policy

Refund & Dispute Policy

The following policy document is crafted to settle disputes between TaskShift’s Clients and Service Providers arising from the usage of TaskShift’s Platform. This Dispute Resolution document will help in resolving the aforementioned matter.

The Dispute Team

The Client and the Service Provider both will agree that the decision taken by the Dispute Team will be based on proper factual evidence and will be final and binding. The Dispute Team will be responsible for making an impartial decision and will also take any necessary actions to do so. Both the Client and the Service Provider will acknowledge that the decision taken by the team cannot be vetoed.

User Responsiveness


After a dispute has been opened by the Service Provider, the Client will be given a total of 14 days to respond to it and take the necessary action. In failure of doing so, the Client will lose the dispute and the pending Milestone balance will be transferred to the Service Provider’s account.

Service Provider

After a dispute has been opened by the Client, the Service Provider will be given a total of 7 days to respond. In failure of doing so, the Service Provider will lose the dispute and the pending Milestone balance will be transferred back to the Client’s account.

Dispute Resolution Process

STAGE 1 - Identifying the issue

For starters, the complainants should select the Project or Order that is to be disputed. The complainant is required to submit the particulars of the issue at hand and describe in detail why the said dispute is being raised. The respondents are encouraged to attach any files as supporting evidence till Stage 3.

Lastly, the complainant should enter the amount they are willing to pay/receive for the specific Project. The amount can be anywhere between 0 and the total amount of the Payment(s) of the specific Project or an Order.

STAGE 2 - Negotiations

TaskShift provides both the parties with two routes. They can either choose for a chance to negotiate and settle on a partial compensation or defer the dispute to TaskShift’s Dispute Team. The Team will give both the parties an equal opportunity of presenting their side of the story or negotiate terms with each other.

The party filing the initial dispute will be given the opportunity to settle the dispute, if they wanted, after negotiation. If, however, the issue is not resolved after negotiation the TaskShift’s Dispute Team will take over. An Arbitration Fee will be deducted for this process. This fee will be refunded if negotiation occurs at this stage or the dispute is cancelled by the party before it reaches cancellation.

STAGE 3 - Evidence

TaskShift encourages both the parties to present their final evidence to support their case, one last time. All the collected evidence provided by the parties to TaskShift will be used by TaskShift’s Dispute Team to come to an impartial, fact-based conclusive decision. 

STAGE 4 - Arbitration

TaskShift’s Milestone Dispute Team will make a decision reviewing the evidence within the next 48-72 hours. The verdict presented by them will be final and binding. They, in no condition can be vetoed.

Evidential Requirements for Your Dispute

  • If the parties agree to take their dispute to TaskShift’s Dispute Team, they then automatically agree to let the Team read, download and access all the correspondence made by the parties on TaskShift’s website amongst themselves. This will be done in order to resolve the dispute and to come to an impartial decision.
  • The parties are encouraged to submit any and all evidence they consider vital to support their case and resolve the dispute. Any written conversation or correspondences outside of TaskShift such as Emails or chats via Skype, Whatsapp etc. will not be considered as evidence. These will be simply ignored as TaskShift can only take the responsibility of all the communication which happens via platform. Any correspondences sent in the form of *.txt or *.doc or any other word processing software of Emails will not be entertained.
  • Both the parties are requested to submit all the files including but not limited to contracts, products, etc. relevant to the project. All of the proofs submitted must be clear and comprehensible.
  • TaskShift will take the responsibility of maintaining the confidentiality of both the involved parties and the dispute. It will not release any information to any third party unless and until required by law.