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08 July, 2021
How to Make Money Online as a Freelance Creative Writer
Kickstart your career as a freelance creative writer and mak...
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06 July, 2021
Interview With Jeff Moriarty – Inside the Mind of a Professional Freelance SEO
TaskShift interview series presents Jeff Moriarty- a Pro Fre...
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04 July, 2021
How to Filter Out and Hire a Creative Freelance Copywriter
To hire a freelance copywriter, you need to check their port...
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30 June, 2021
How to Get Started as a Freelance Copywriter in 2021
Successful freelance copywriters have a certain set of skill...
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27 June, 2021
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23 June, 2021
How to Hire a Top-Rated Freelance Packaging Designer in 2021
To hire a talented freelance packaging designer, review thei...
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18 June, 2021
Freelancing 101 – A Comprehensive Guide to Become a Successful Freelancer
A comprehensive guide on how to become a successful freelanc...
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16 June, 2021
10 Ways to Optimize Your Offer on TaskShift to Attract High-Paying Clients
Attracting high-paying clients on TaskShift is easy as long...
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10 June, 2021
6 Rarely Explored Ways to Find Clients on Facebook
Find rich clients on Facebook by joining groups and pages, p...
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03 June, 2021
How to Find and Hire a Professional Freelance Video Editor
Expert freelance video editors deliver the quality and perfe...
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31 May, 2021
Top Reasons You’d Love to Become a Freelance Editor
Freelance editor is an umbrella term that defines many roles...
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28 May, 2021
An All-Round Guide to Become a Successful Freelance Video Editor in 2021
A successful freelance video editor is one with the right sk...