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Why a Freelance Writer is the Best Asset for Your Startup’s Success

Your startup days can be very hectic, especially when you lack resources. It is because of that you always have your plate full of responsibilities that not yours to do at all. Take, for instance, running your business website or blog.

For instance, if we take blogging, it is one of the primary aspects of your business that can seriously help your startup get off the ground with little to no friction. Statistics point out the fact that as a small business owner, you can gain 126% more leads with a blog. Well, there you have your first few potential clients.

But how do you score those leads? Do you have time for in-depth topic research? Are your writing skills good enough to attract and retain readers’ attention?

Well, you may have good writing skills, and you may justify the topic since you may have a good understanding of the market you are serving. However, you certainly will not have the time to keep producing meaningful content for your audience while running your startup concurrently.

freelance writer portfolio

The only person who can help you get out of one of these sinkholes is a freelance writer. Now, you may wonder, "What does a freelance writer do?" A freelance writer takes care of all your web content-related tasks so that you can focus on your other key business operations. He can be a technical content writer, a blogger, or a copywriter. Let us discuss further why a professional freelance content writer can prove to be the best business asset for your startup's success.

7 Reasons to Hire a Freelance Content Writer

You Get Professionally Crafted Brand Messages

Your business website is the face of your company. If it is cluttered with typos and grammatical errors, it will put off your target audience. If you add mediocre writing to the mix, it will give your business a bad reputation. As a result, you will find it difficult to earn your audience’s trust.

hire a freelance writer

When you hire a content writer, you work with an individual who has proven writing skills and experience. They have worked with various industries and have been writing for years. With time, they have polished their writing skills to perfection.

Freelance writers can use their creative flair and writing talent to craft content free from errors and tailored to your target audience. They know how to turn even a piece of technical information into content that your audience can digest easily.

You Meet Content Deadlines Faster

Some content marketing campaigns are time-sensitive, especially when it is on a trendy topic. Such campaigns require time-bound content to hijack a trend and make the most of it.

If you are busy strategizing such campaigns or finding opportunities to promote the campaign, you cannot simultaneously work on the content. You cannot produce content that is both meaningful and engaging.

freelance writer

Freelance content writers can help get these campaigns off the ground and fulfill the content requirements in a timely manner. Freelance writers understand the importance of deadline, and timely delivery is happened to be one of their value propositions.

You Get Consistency in Content Publication

Consistency is the key to the success of your blog. If your competitor is producing quality content faster than you, they are more likely to attract more eyeballs. Moreover, updating your blog with quality articles is something that even Google likes and encourages.

hire a freelance content writer

To produce content faster and consistently would mean that you will need to invest a good chunk of your time finding content gaps, evergreen topics, research, and writing. Well, you may leave this hectic part to a professional freelance content writer because it is their bread and butter.

With a dedicated resource working on your content calendar, you can shift your complete focus on your business.

You Save Yourself from Recruitment Hassle

Recruitment is seriously a hectic activity. You shortlist a few dozen candidates from a list of hundreds. Call every candidate and schedule an interview. If the candidate fails during the screening process, you call the next in the queue, and so on. Needless to say, onboarding and orientation add more to your frustration.

freelance writer for hire

You can skip all those hassles when you hire a content writer who works as a freelancer. You browse through a freelance marketplace, filter freelance writers for hire who meet your budget and content requirements and place the order. That is all.

Always check a freelance writer's portfolio and assess their samples to ensure that the guy can produce results that meet your expectations.

You Get Increased Conversions

Content writing is not all about putting fancy words on a digital canvas. Good content should be digestible, engaging, and, more importantly, persuasive. A persuasive web copy can turn mundane content into an engaging brand story that turns heads. When you get more eyeballs roving over your website, you get increased chances of conversion.

freelance writing

A freelance content writer is skilled in the art of persuasion. They know how to write compelling brand stories and create effective messages that tempt your audience to click your call to action. With content that communicates with your reader on a deeper level, you get increased click-through and conversion rates.

You Get Tailored Content Writing Service

Freelance writers usually work with one client at a time. As a result, they can offer you a service tailored to your business needs. Moreover, they are flexible and responsive, which means you can get in touch with them without wasting your precious time.

freelance writer resume

Because of dedicated and tailored services, they take out time to listen to your problems and business needs and propose solutions accordingly. You can even expect the content writer to deliver content on weekdays, which is something that you cannot expect from an in-house writer or an agency.

You Benefit from Their Industry Knowledge

Some writers do not have just exceptional writing skills, but they have added skills, such as content marketing or outreach. Freelance writers with added skills are always on the lookout for gigs that require more than writing so that they can add that experience to their freelance writer's portfolio.

You Benefit from Their Industry Knowledge

This is something that you can capitalize on in their supplemental services. These gems of talent can save you time, money, and efforts in finding resources for your other operational tasks and offer you more bang for your bucks.

To Summarize

Hiring a freelance writer is the need of every business, especially a startup. These specialists add value to your business by publishing content that drives traffic to your site and generates leads.

Most important of all, a freelance resource will help you keep your business expenses during the startup days relatively lower and keep you away from the hassles of recruiting an in-house workforce.

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