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What Makes a Good Logo - 5 Basic Principles You Should Never Ignore

With heaps of creative logo ideas in the market, it is like moving mountains to create a unique logo of your own. 

Logos visually convey the attitude of your brand and its personality. This first impression, which is created in seconds, has the power to imprint the image of your brand into your audience's minds for ages.

But the question arises, “what makes a good logo?” How do you define a great logo or what features make it visually stunning? Every creative artist, designer, or brand specialist would give you different views but all comes down to a few basic principles: simplicity, timelessness, and memorability.

Let’s discuss the five basic principles of a logo design that make it visually stunning and unique.

5 Basic Logo Design Principles

  1. It Should Be as Simple as ABC

It Should Be as Simple as ABC

Well, to be as simple as ABC does not actually mean that your logo can not contain hidden meanings or symbols. It’s just that the symbols and subtlety in your design must convey some interesting meaning, such as the a to z mark in the Amazon logo.

Do not get trapped by the idea that a simple logo won’t let you show up distinctively in the market. A logo with a flashy color scheme and fonts is of no use if it is not good enough to convey your brand image and make you stand out from your competitors.

In a nutshell, simplicity is highly significant when it comes to great logos. A simple logo is easy to identify and remember and can easily be used on a variety of marketing products.

  1. A Logo Should Leave a Stamp On Your Memory

A Logo Should Leave a Stamp On Your Memory

The world we live in is a competitive space where brand impressions count a heap and people expect to see some wow-factor in it. As a new brand, if you bring about anything less than the standards of professionalism set by the audience, you would ultimately lose the competition. 

So, in order to live up to the expectations, you must ensure the memorability element in your logo. Your logo should be unique enough to hook eyeballs and leave a long-lasting impression in your consumers’ minds.

  1. Timelessness Is a Business-Critical Element