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The Dead-On Tips to Hire a Shopify Developer for Your E-Commerce Project

Are you an entrepreneur owning a start-up eCommerce business? Do you aspire to launch a Shopify store to break through into the world of e-commerce? Well, there are so many things to worry about, but first, you must hire an expert Shopify developer. 

As a fresh business owner, you already have a million and one things to get done in a predetermined time frame, and you have the same 24 hours in a day. You get anxiety attacks by looking at the never-ending to-do list, but wait! Here’s some advice. 

Spend your 24 hours doing what only you can do. You can’t be the jack of all trades so don’t try to be one.

Expand Your Business by Hiring a Shopify Developer 

Hiring a Shopify developer will allow you to devote more time to fostering other areas of your business. Shopify developers have years of experience developing platforms on Shopify and managing the CMS.

hire Shopify Developer

From having sound knowledge of PHP, JavaScript, JQuery, and platform APIs, to being knowledgeable of payment gateways, inventory systems, navigation, and checkout, Shopify developers excel in planning and designing your store to magnificently grow your business.

How to Hire a Shopify Developer

1. Settle On a Plan of Action

While it’s not necessary for you to have all the tiniest details, you should still have an overall idea of where to add an extra set of hands to get the most impact. 

You may give a general idea of how you want your store to look and what features and functions you need. You may also provide a few examples of online stores from which the Shopify developers could take inspiration from.

hire freelance Shopify Developer

But fortunately, when you plan to hire a Shopify developer, you are not liable to know exactly how to solve your problems or identify which ones to prioritize. The only thing you need to do before looking up to a Shopify developer is to identify your weaker areas rather than trying to commend your own solution – that is what they would do!

2. Set Your Budget

Before you reach out to hire a Shopify developer, make sure you have a solid financial plan for your business investment. In the world of development, you’d be able to get everything you want but you might fall short of budget. So, here’s a tip!

hiring shopify developers

Decide and hook on a few features that you can’t do without, and also list some that would be beneficial to have. This way, you’ll be able to cover all the project essentials in case you can’t afford to get everything instantly.

3. Extensively Browse the Shopify Experts Marketplace

Don’t settle on the first Shopify developer who gives a nice impression. Look for other experts as there are thousands out there.

Make sure to look for the right Shopify developer for your project who has profound technical expertise, owns excellent communication skills, and is capable of working independently. Stay active and browse through the multiple Shopify forums frequently. 

If you need your project to reach new heights and turn into something you have always dreamed of, browse the TaskShift marketplace to find and hire the best Shopify expert!

4. Select and Interview the Best Candidates

Now, this is the most crucial and decisive stage in hiring a Shopify developer for your project. In the process of browsing the marketplace, shortlist candidates that best fit your criteria and schedule a call or one on one meeting with them individually. 

During the interview, try to convey your aims and objectives regarding the project and let the Shopify developers explain what technical knowledge your project will be needing. Once you get a description, ask the developer to provide samples of the relevant work that can validate their skills and knowledge.

Hunt for developers that can put forward a clear plan of action, deliverables, and deadlines. Be smart at differentiating between genuine promises and sketchy ones. 

5. Convey Your Project Scope

Once you’ve succeeded in finding the right candidate or a team to work with, the next step you must take is to set an outline regarding the work scope, process, and timeframes. This is generally known as setting the project’s scope.

freelance shopify developer

Schedule a meeting or a video call to discuss the project in more detail. Do not forget to mention and discuss important concerns you have regarding the project, and also ask for the developer’s input. Furthermore, it is good to create milestones to make the project more convenient and help in the smooth workflow. 

Or if this is the first time you’re hiring a Shopify developer, and you’re worried about how to set your project scope, don’t be. The experts you’d work with will surely have the experience and will assure you of a smooth journey.

6. Ready to Get Started with The Project

Once you’ve discussed all the essentials like the background information, a summary of your project, deliverables, existing assets, and the timeframe, you would also have to decide on a suitable payment schedule

shopify developer

Last but not least, make sure to keep an eye on every milestone the developer completes, and only release payments once you’re absolutely satisfied with your project deliverables.

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