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The Best Guidance On How to Trademark a Logo?

  • 29 March, 2021
The Best Guidance On How to Trademark a Logo?

Why do you create a logo for your business? Who do you want your logo to represent? The answer is pretty clear, isn’t it? You want to create a logo for your business that will represent your brand and its ethics to the world. For that to happen, you need to also make sure that you are the sole owner of that logo.

You need to trademark your company’s logo so that you can protect your intellectual property from infringement. Let us get on to the details without further ado:

What is a Trademark?

In the simplest of words, a trademark is what protects your business, product, brand, or organization’s name, symbol, logo, design, or slogan. When you trademark your logo, you make sure that the logo belongs solely to you and no other business can infringe it.

Here's How to Trademark a Logo in Few Simple Steps

Follow these steps to trademark your logo:

1. Make Sure That Your Logo is Unique

How to trademark a logo

Begin your logo trademarking process by making sure that your logo is unique. If it isn’t unique and is a revised version of an already trademarked logo, you can get into a difficult situation.

This has two advantages. Firstly, it will make the trademarking process easier and more feasible. More importantly, you wouldn’t have to completely revise it once it has formed brand loyalty and equity. 

2. Own the Logo

how to trademark a name and logo

Depending upon your business scale, there are different methods to do that. If you own a small business running across a city, you will obtain ownership of the logo and use it across the city that you are conducting your business in. 

However, if your business is distributed over a large scale, extending throughout the state, you will need to register your logo with the federal government of the country.

3. Submit an Initial Application Form

To register a logo for trademark, logo registration bodies will offer you different application forms according to the scale of your business. Make sure to select the right application form by taking the help of an attorney. Also, make sure you get your answers and clear your concerns before proceeding further.

4. Pay the Required Amount

how much to trademark a logo

If you wonder, "How much does it cost to trademark a logo?" keep in mind that the registration fee varies depending upon your business type as well as the form you filled as an application. 

As mentioned above, the scale and type of your business matter a lot while determining the amount of fee you are required to pay for your logo to be registered.

5. Secure Your Rights:

how to trademark a logo for free

Once you have your logo registered, you get the rights to so many aspects of your business in the commercial world. Some of these are:

    • You can sue anyone who uses your company logo illegally 

    • You can charge them a heavy amount if they have caused any damage to your business profile during the process

    • You can now conduct your business in any part of the country

    • You can extend your company to other countries as well. However, it will require you to register your business and logo in that country as well

    6. Conduct A Regular Trademark Watch

    Your job is not finished yet. Yes, there's, even more, to take care of. Trademarking your logo doesn’t mean that no one will ever try to use your logo or copy your design. 

    To do so, you can hire the services of a freelancer or a company that will make sure that no one in the business world is trying to copy your logo by doing a trademark watch. This will also make sure that no new logo similar to yours is being registered with the government. 

    There are several freelancing platforms and companies which offer these services in the form of trademark watch.

    How Much Time Does the Process Entail?

    how much does it cost to trademark a logo

    “Great things take time,” and rightly so. Isn't it a great thing that your logo now solely belongs to you? It sure is. Normally, this process takes several months. Depending upon the country, it can vary between 6 months and 11 months. The process surely is a lengthy one but it's worth a wait.

    3 Reasons Why You Should Trademark Your Logo Immediately

    how to trademark a logo

    Following are some of the important reasons for trademarking your logo.

    1. Owning your Logo

    If you have created a logo and have not trademarked it yet, there’s a risk your logo can get stolen. Yes, without a trademark, you have no proof to claim that the logo belongs to you. 

    Besides, anyone in your nearby city can snip it for his own business. Therefore, trademarking your logo is important to be able to claim it as yours.

    2. Win A Court Case

    There can be nothing as disastrous as someone stealing your logo, and you have nothing to prove to the court that the logo belongs to you. 

    With your logo trademarked, you have the right, not only to get your logo back but also to charge the culprit for any kind of damage caused

    3. Extend your Business

    If you are running your business in the locality of a city you cannot extend it to other parts of the world. Extending your business to foreign countries must sound thrilling. But it is only possible if you have a registered trademark logo with your federal government.

    Summing up

    To conclude the article, it is important for you to note that it is essential to get your logo trademarked. Without a trademark, your business reputation can go in a declining direction and there are chances of someone else stealing your logo. Importantly, keep in mind the steps mentioned above while trademarking your logo.