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7 Signs You Need to Hire an Expert Freelance Writer to Expedite Business Growth

You are reading this blog for a reason, and no, fate is not why you are here. You are here because your growing business needs compel you to look for a freelance writer.

Yet, you seem to have some concerns regarding hiring a freelance content writer. Yes, there are some uncertainty involves in the decisions that we sometimes take. But all those uncertainties can be put to rest when we analyze a situation a bit more thoroughly and logically.

As an entrepreneur, you should take a logical route to make an informed decision. Put your concerns at ease by identifying the following logical signs that prompt the services of a professional writer for hire.

7 Signs Your Business Needs a Freelance Content Writer

Your Competitors Are Dominating the Market

You and your team are putting their best efforts to close the competition gap. But when you see your competitor all over the place – SERP, social media platforms, communities, and forums, your team morale goes down.

Sometimes, the reason for your competitor’s success is a good content strategy. If you see your competitor ruling the industry, it can be because of the quality of the content it is producing.

hire a freelance writer

Compare to your content quality, their content may resonate with the audience better than yours. They are killing it because they may have a content team that is exceptionally talented.

Take a few pieces of your content and compare it with your competitors. If you see a stark difference, it means you need to hire a professional freelance writer who is an exceptional wordsmith and who has diverse knowledge.

Your Website is Performing Awfully on Google

If you are not ranking on Google’s first page, you are losing 67.70% of potential clicks which may account for hundreds of thousands of monthly traffic.

Did you know that there are 200 search engine ranking factors? Among those many factors, content quality and its on-page SEO take the lead. If you are producing content consistently, and yet, you see no improvements on SERP, you are not producing search-engine-friendly content.

how to hire a freelance writer

If your team lacks a writer with good knowledge of SEO content writing, it is time you add a freelance resource to add the missing SEO flair in your content for improved SERP rankings.

You Fail to Publish Content Consistently

It is no secret that Google loves fresh content. In fact, if a website produces fresh but meaningful content with consistency, Google feels no reason to keep it from ranking. So, other than fresh content, the point to notice here is, consistency.

You can only produce content consistently when you have a dedicated writer working in your team. But if you have your SEO – who happens to have exceptional writing skills – writing content for you, it would be difficult for that guy to optimize your website and write content simultaneously.

freelance writer for hire

If you wish to rank well on Google, you need to constantly write and publish new content. And to do that, you need a writer who can take responsibility and fulfill it in a timely manner.

You Have a Growing Content Backlog 

Your content requirements grow as your business becomes more established. Initially, you might need a few contents to update your blog. But as your business grows, you need content on regular basis for your blogs, landing pages, emails, and other marketing collaterals.

Things may go completely out of control – even when you have a team of writers – if you have new platforms to start but your team cannot get out of the current backlog.

freelance writing

Here, a freelance writer can prove to be quite helpful in taking the burden off your team’s shoulders and delivering content in a fast and consistent manner.

Your Conversion Rate Is Not Improving at All

The conversion rate of your website decides how fast you are getting leads or new customers. It should be noted that it is not easy at all to have some shell-out money. No matter how amazing a product is if you are not pitching its benefit in a persuasive manner, you will not be able to sell it at all.

When it comes to online businesses, your content is your sales pitch. If your website has a lower conversion rate, it means that the current content is not influential enough to make people act.

hiring a freelance content writer

Here, you need a creative freelance copywriter who is well-versed in the art of persuasion, customers’ buying behavior, and emotional triggers. By adding their creative flair blended with persuasive content, a freelance copywriter can increase your website’s conversion rate significantly.

You Are Not Attracting the Right Audience

If your content is not geared towards the right audience, it can seriously hurt your brand and your website’s metrics. Your website’s bounce rate and exit rate will increase. You may attract unnecessary feedback on your blogs. You will not be able to make any money. 

You Are Not Attracting the Right Audience

An experienced freelance content specialist will bring his years of knowledge to the table and help you produce content for the right audience. An experienced individual may even guide you on how to identify the right target audience for your brand.

Your Content Calendar Lacks Variety

Running out of ideas is not unusual, especially when your team lacks a writer. Finding the right keywords and then coming up with good content ideas depending on that topic takes a lot of time.

If your content calendar lacks diversity in the topics, it means you are not dedicating enough time for topic ideation. When you hire an experienced freelance writer, they can help you with content ideation as well. Due to their diverse industry experience, they can help you create a scalable content calendar.

Your Content Calendar Lacks Variety

Content is a king, and the same concept has been hammered by many renowned marketers and influencers. To be exact, it is a fact that you cannot deny. If your content is good, engaging, and meaningful, it is sure to attract eyes and convert. But if it is mediocre, dull, and full of fluff, it will end up hurting your business.

If you want to grow your business, you seriously need to consider hiring an experienced writer, who is flexible and who has diverse industry knowledge and experience.

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