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8 Fatal Mistakes to Avoid When You Hire a Web Designer

When you hire a web designer, you need to ensure that the person has all the skills, experience, and dedication you require to build a seamless business website.

To find a web designer that understands you and your business goals can be an exasperating and terrifying process. There are countless things to consider and a ton of designers out there to choose from. 

Businesses often fail to investigate properly and just go with costly services that may have a reputed name but are actually operated by inexperienced outsourced web designers. 

They may also choose cheap web designers with the lowest rates, resulting in a website with poor functionality.

Regardless, here are the top 8 most common blunders that you should avoid while hiring a web designer.

8 Mistakes to Avoid When You Hire a Web Designer

  1. Poor Research

hire a web designer

When you search “web designers near me,” your webpage gets flooded with a list of web designers and developers offering a wide range of design services. 

It is not recommended to opt for anything at just first glance. It is imperative that you do thorough research and go through multiple options.

You can either go for independent web designers, design agencies, or freelance web designers present on different freelance marketplaces. (Advice: This is the most cost-effective option of all)

Examining a website designer's previous work is a very effective and easy method to determine whether they can help you build your website. The skill and quality of their work are readily discernible.

Go through client testimonials or request a list of your designer’s previous customers, and then spend a few minutes reviewing their websites.

Check the design layout, the color theme which is used across the web, and the user experience.

A simple online search may reveal your web designer's skills, allowing you to determine whether or not they are a suitable match for your site requirements.

  1. Choosing a Cheap Resource 

cheap web designer

Despite the financial breakdown in the current COVID times, investing in your website design is all-important especially if you’re an online business.

You'll get what you pay for with low-cost services: bare-bones web design with minimal functionality. Furthermore, your website can turn out to be very slow and buggy.

You should avoid being lured by cheap rates, even if the design agency claims to be able to build a stunning website for you.

A poorly designed website may lose you clients and sales, making it considerably costlier in the long run if you choose a cheap web designer.

When working on your website, a competent, experienced, and professional web designer will take time and attention because they recognize the importance of your website to your brand.

Hence the old saying, “you get what you pay for” is absolutely accurate. Remember that your website is your business, so give it the attention and investment it deserves.

  1. Overpaying 

cheap web designer

If a web design agency charges you a premium fee, it does not guarantee that the work will be up to par. In reality, some agencies intentionally raise their pricing to appear more reputable and efficient than they actually are.

They think that exorbitant charges will help them seem to have a lot of expertise and experience, while in fact, the reverse is true.

Knowing what to expect from what you're paying for may help you avoid overpaying. Determine your budget, as well as the scope of your project. 

  1. Not Examining a Portfolio Carefully 

best web designer

When you hire a web designer, you really have to dig into the designer’s portfolio and the websites they have previously created.

A common mistake is not paying enough attention to a web designer’s portfolio. At first glance, it may look like the images shared in the portfolio are of eye-catching websites. 

However, a great website is much more than how it appears. It's important to explore the websites that are being showcased and discover what features and functionality they provide.

Examine how they've set up their navigation. Do you like their style? Check to determine whether their websites have been optimized for search engines. Ensure that they are utilizing responsive design so that your design looks great on any device.

Also, check whether the designer has worked on comparable projects to yours so that they may apply their knowledge to your site.

  1. Getting Your Domain Name Registered by The Web Designer

find a web designer

While it's realistic and much simpler to just let your designer “take care of all the design stuff,” your domain name is a significant brand asset that you must not want someone else in charge of.

Don't let anyone convince you otherwise: registering your own domain is simple and well worth the effort.

Make sure you register your domain using an email address that you'll check on a regular basis. Domain names are bought on a yearly basis, so you'll need to renew them. 

You want to ensure that you get renewal notifications and that you are informed when your credit card is about to expire.

  1. Being Unengaged & Uninvolved in The Process

how to hire a web designer

Designers aren't magicians, and they won't be able to fix your business’s issues without your help. Sure, they can design a stunning website for you but how it affects your bottom line is something you should consider.

Before you hire a web designer, take the time to answer some key questions about your company. This will ensure that you receive the best results possible. 

This process will require some time, preparation, and serious thought on your part. Most experienced web designers will walk you through the process of answering the questions. Let’s look at some of them:

  • What business issue do you want your website to solve?

  • Who is your target audience?

  • What's your one-of-a-kind value proposition?

  • What is your present market position (and where do you want to be)?

  • When a visitor comes to your website, what are the most important things they should do?

  • What is the purpose and vision of your business?

If a designer you're considering employing doesn't ask you questions like these, you're not getting a solution tailored to your specific needs. Instead, you'll be paying for ‘tech set-up’ and not much more.

While answering these questions takes more than a minute, the more thought you put into them, the clearer your company strategy and objectives become, the more likely you are to get a return on your web design investment.

Don't make the mistake of believing you can just fork over some cash to a web designer and expect a nice, functional product. The greatest websites are created when you're completely immersed in the process.

  1. Overlooking The Importance of SEO

how to hire a web designer

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a term that refers to the process of optimizing. It has to do with how search engines like Google and Bing help people discover your website. 

What good is a website if no one visits it or converts? That's why SEO is so essential.

Therefore, it is essential for the user interface and user experience of the website to be SEO friendly. Now, search engines take UX as one of the important factors when ranking websites.

  1.   Setting Unrealistic Timelines

best web designer

If you don't set attainable criteria for your website, you'll probably end up with something that doesn't look anything like what you envisioned.

Additionally, having a defined deadline and milestone schedule will guarantee that you see certain types of outcomes at key stages along the way.

Setting unreasonable timelines, on the other hand, will get you nowhere. There are times when you must act fast, and other times when you must take cautious steps forward. 

If you want a large project to be completed fast, you will have to settle for poor results. If a project is hurried, errors will inevitably occur. 

Understand that you must be realistic in your timelines in order for your vision to completely flourish.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know how to hire a web designer and what mistakes to avoid, you can rest easy knowing that you can now pick the best web designer to craft a strikingly attractive website for you. 

When created well, a website serves to be your greatest business asset that will increase your leads and sales while allowing you to grow and expand your company. 

So take time to go through all the available options on the internet as this step could make or break your business.

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