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Entrepreneurs Reveal 7 Important Questions They Ask Before Hiring a Logo Designer

If you are planning to hire a logo designer, you may want to create a unique logo or revamp that old logo into something more appealing. Regardless of your purpose, hiring a potential logo designer doesn’t come without a hassle as the market is full to the brim with a plethora of graphic designers.

Every graphic designer for a logo that you come across online would claim to have a massive industry experience and a great portfolio. Having a good logo design experience and a stunning portfolio is good and it shouldn’t be overlooked. But don’t let those few factors alone cloud your judgment and leave you with a designer who isn’t the right fit for your brand.


Every brand has different values, target markets, and needs. Therefore, cherry-picking the best logo designer is the first essential step that you shouldn’t ever take lightly. Instead, go a step reviewing portfolios and comparing costs, and ask these 7 important questions so you can make an informed decision.


Would You Mind Sharing Any References?


Most of the time, you wouldn’t need to ask for any references, such as in the case of freelance marketplaces. Every prominent logo designer has dozens of clients’ reviews on their profiles that you can skim.


But if you have found the candidate from a third-party like any social platform, you should ask the designer to share a reference you can contact.

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“If the designer is good at their job, they will surely have numerous satisfied clients that can vouch for them. By contacting these clients and listening to their positive experiences with the designer, I feel very assured working with them,” says Jeff Johnson, owner of SimpleHomeBuyers.


“It also provides great insight into the competence of the designer and makes me feel more comfortable in collaborating with them.”


Designers who are skilled in their profession and have dealt with numerous clients will gladly share their references with you. In fact, some would share before giving you any chance to inquire.


Can You Share Some Examples or a Portfolio?


Nothing is more reassuring than portfolios after genuine references. Portfolios give you good insights into the style, tone, and quality of a potential logo designer. Not only does it enable you to get a good feel of their work but also allows you to ensure that the candidate is the right fit for your brand.

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John Millen, the managing partner at Millen Group, shares his experience when they rebranded their company, “this was the FIRST thing we needed to make sure their style was in line with what we thought our style would look like. Right away we could tell if their style was conservative, loud, soft, boring, etc.”


“Not all designers are going to be compatible with you from an aesthetic standpoint, even good ones, so making sure their style overlaps with your vision is important,” says Trevor Larson, CEO of Nectar.


What Does Your Design Process Look Like?


Never shy away from inquiring the logo designer about their design process, even if you don’t have a sound knowledge of logo designing. Asking about their workflow will help you understand the basicity of their process, the uniqueness in their work, and the designer’s take on your design brief.

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Adam Hempenstall, founder of Better Proposals, shares, “I usually ask them about their process - how they go about creating a logo from scratch. I ask this to make sure they go and do the work instead of copying the logo from someone else online.”


“That’s my biggest worry, that I’ll hire someone who just stole the logo from any third party. I try to get as many details as possible to make sure they’re the designer they claim to be.”


Don’t worry if you can’t get your head around the design process. Share the details with someone who has some understanding of logo design and ask them to share their opinion on it.


How Do You Add Uniqueness to My Logo?


Your logo delivers the first impression of your brand to your target market. Therefore, it is essential that you make a positive, genuine, and everlasting first impression. How do you make a logo stand out from the crowd? You do that by adding uniqueness to it.

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Whether you hire a high-end logo designer of an agency or a top-notch designer at a freelance marketplace, always ask them how they go about incorporating originality in your logo.


Willie Greer, founder of The Product Analyst, “If there is somebody making the logo for you, chances are they have created logos for other brands too, which means their stroke and style can and maybe parallel already. As someone who wants originality in their concept and design, how can a logo professional adhere to this and that whatever their design is won't be a basis for other client’s potential logos too.”


“After all, the reason why you want to create your own logo or hire someone to do so is because you want to stand out from the rest of the group,” he further adds.


How Experienced Are You in My Industry?


Since the logo is your brand identity, it is tailored according to the style and taste of your target market. Take, for instance, a restaurant logo which is going to be different than a tech logo. A restaurant logo would attract the attention of your target audience with elements like chopsticks, bowls, smoke, etc. You can’t expect similar elements or colors in a tech industry logo.

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It is important that the designer you are planning to hire for your logo design should have some experience in your industry.


Lauri Kinkar, CEO at Messente, says “it is important that your logo a designer knows what types of design, colors, and even trends your target market would likely respond to.”


What Do You Need from Us?


Good logo design relies on your designer having a good understanding of your firm. This is one reason

why designers might not have a complete inventory of everything they will need before starting their design process. Instead of passively waiting for their needs to be spelled out, you can take an active part by just asking them,” recommends Gerrid Smith, CMO at Joy Organics.


“Logo design usually goes hand in hand with company documentation like personas and branding style guides. Marketing reports and other similar records may be helpful if they exist. Talk to your designer about what they might benefit from.”


How Much Communication Can I Expect from You?


Communication is integral when it comes to ensuring that you get the result that you desired. But the question remains, how much communication? How frequently can the designer update you regarding the status of the logo?


Sebastian Schaeffer, the owner of Dofollow.io, suggests, “it is important to set communication expectations before agreeing to commission and pay for any work because it can end up ruining a working relationship and a project.”


“If you, as a business owner, expect your designer to provide you with daily updates, but they are used to only reaching out to clients once the finished product is ready, there is going to be friction, which will affect the work,” he further asserts.

Final Thoughts

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to outlining the types of questions you should ask the designer. Keep in mind every industry or business has different needs. Determine your needs, and then decide the question you should ask to hire a rockstar logo designer.

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