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How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Freelance Content Writer

If you are a business owner, you would undoubtedly be the one to ideally know your products and services. But it is a matter of fact that not everyone has the ability to present the product’s benefits in a way that compels the target audience to get the product, or at least try it. This is actually where you need to hire a freelance content writer!

Freelance Content Writer – A Good or a Bad Idea?

Can you guess how much you can save when hiring a freelance content writer? A lot! 

Businesses that work with freelance content writers are likely to cut costs by almost 30%. They just have to compensate the writer for the finished project without putting up with excessive overheads such as medical benefits, bonuses, and insurance. Furthermore, they even have the option to save money on office equipment and space.

Setting Up a Budget for Freelance Writers

Now, the very first thing that pops up in your mind is the cost of hiring a freelance content writer. Well, it’s simple. It totally depends on your requirements and objectives, quality concerns, and emphasis on reputation.

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The more income the content tends to generate, the more it will cost, which is a useful thing for you. You do not need to act like an employer with an employee but like an entrepreneur aspiring to gain a reputation and generate revenue through content marketing.

The value you’re going to get from it is incomparable to the little money you invest in it. So, all you need to do is to dissociate the idea of ‘time consumed on the job’ from the rates.

Value-Based Pricing

Every freelance writer working within the industry will offer different rates. Primarily, each field is likely to decide its own average rate. Prices are scaled according to the level of skill and experience.

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The average rates for freelance content writers may possibly range from as low as $0.1 to as high as $2 or more per word. We can clearly observe fluctuations in the rates, but it has its factors, including proficiency and practice, locality, and market trends, to name a few. 

A qualified freelance writer may charge higher but also may work smartly, offer exceptional writing skills, and deliver top-notch work quality with a minimal chance of revisions on your end.

On the flip side, a freelance writer who is new to the market and working to build a strong client base may offer lower rates to secure projects, and gain reviews and portfolio. 

One breakthrough article for around $100 for 200 words far outshines anyone who charges 4–5 cents per word without accentuating on quality and sales for your business. 

Levels of Freelance Content Writers & Charges

If you are on the lookout for high-quality and tremendously engaging content that generates traffic and converts leads, it is paramount to prioritize quality over quantity. 

Below is the list of different levels of freelance writers that you can hire for your work:

Beginner Level Freelance Writers:

This group of writers usually involve fresh graduates or individuals with sub-par writing skills. On the bright side, they charge lower rates which is quite beneficial for low-tier lifestyle or other blogs.

freelance content writing

A beginner freelance writer may charge as low as $10 per 1000 words or as high as $25, but the actual rates may still vary.

Intermediary Level Freelance Writers:

This mid-tier group of writers has decent years of experience in the industry. They have good skills in research and writing. They are capable enough to deliver highly engaging content and even high converting ad or web copies.