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Should You Hire Someone to Manage Your Social Media in 2021?

While the pandemic has taken the world by storm, many businesses have shifted their attention towards online platforms and social media sites. It only makes sense that you should too. After all, 64% of all small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs) have some form of an online presence

Social media requires a lot of time and dedication to be successful. If you don't have the time or resources to dedicate. It's worth hiring an experienced professional to manage your social media channels for you. 

The right person will know how to grow your online presence, ensure that you appear at the top of search engine rankings, and get valuable engagement from potential customers. Let’s take a closer look at what it means to hire someone to manage social media for your business.

What Does a Social Media Manager Do?

hire someone to manage social media

Before we proceed, it's crucial to understand what social media managers actually do. Too many business owners believe that they can manage social media on their own - much like how they manage their personal accounts. This is far from the truth.

When you hire someone to manage social media online for your business, they are responsible for:

  • Curating your brand’s social media channels

  • Posting regular updates, videos, and content related to your business

  • Responding to customer queries and moderating chat 

  • Launching digital marketing campaigns targeted towards specific consumers

  • Analyzing previous marketing campaigns and strategies to identify weaknesses 

  • Following social media trends and ensuring that your brand is up-to-date with the latest online antics

To put it simply, a social media manager does a lot of things. Their job isn’t so simple as creating a Facebook post for friends and family. This is why companies are hiring dedicated individuals that excel in social media management.

5 Signs That You Should Hire a Social Media Manager

hire someone to manage social media online

Now that you’ve realized the importance of a social media manager and understood what their job entails. It's time to decide whether you will hire someone to manage social media for your business. If you’re still in doubt, here are some signs that indicate it’s the right time to outsource your marketing.

Sign #1: Engagement Levels Are Just Too Low

At the end of the day, what matters the most is results. And if you aren’t getting results, it’s time to up your game and hire a true professional to handle your online marketing and social media. This is especially true for companies that are spending countless hours on social media without any noticeable progress.

Sign #2: You’ve Got Too Much on Your Hands

As a business owner, it's already stressful as it is; handling your company, performing numerous tasks on a daily basis, supervising employees. Add social media management to the list, and things can get out of hand pretty quickly. If you find your plate full then it's best to implement some drastic changes, starting by hiring a social media manager.  

Sign #3: You Lack the Tools

Believe it or not, social media management requires far more than just a desktop computer and a stable internet connection. Let’s take the example of Twitter. You need several dedicated tools to be successful on this platform. From content analysis to hashtags, there are many complexities involved in managing a business profile on Twitter. Remember, this is just one single platform. Now, imagine handling several platforms.

Sign #4: You Can’t Measure Performance

 A successful online campaign needs to be monitored. The only way to gauge whether your marketing strategy is working is to constantly measure performance using tools and other metrics. If you're new to social media management, it's very likely that you don't understand digital metrics - yet another reason why you should hire someone to manage social media for you.

Sign #5: You Lack Consistency

Being able to post quality content is good, but being able to do so consistently is what separates good brands from great brands. More than anything else, consistency matters the most. According to Neil Patel, “If you make a habit of posting several times a day and then transition to only a few times a week, you will start to lose followers and generate less engagement per post.”

You're probably starting to understand the bigger picture now. Gone are the days when you would hand over your company's social media to your tech-savvy niece or nephew. You are inevitably going to have to hire someone to manage social media for you.

How to Find a Good Social Media Manager