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Freelance Art Jobs - Top 6 Platforms You Should Check Out

Without a doubt, freelancing in 2020 has been a roller coaster. Thousands of job opportunities came to a halt as companies reevaluated their budgets, resulting in many employees being laid off, having their hours cut, or having their positions withdrawn altogether.

Being a freelance artist, on the other hand, isn't all bad, Fortunately, as opposed to more conventional sectors like banking and marketing, the gig economy has been relatively stable during the pandemic. 

Currently, more than one-third of artists are self-employed but as the economy recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, freelance artists may encounter economic peaks and lows. With that in mind, let's take a look at what it means to be a freelance artist and how you can find a good freelance art job that’ll help you shape a stable future.

Who is a Freelance Artist?

freelance art jobs

A freelance artist is self-employed and works for a fee to make art for customers. They usually work from home with a variety of clients and may entirely communicate online with their customers. 

Simply put, being a freelance artist is just what it sounds like – you’re your own boss and set your own working hours. Freelance artists can easily switch their roles without the hassles of traditional jobs. This spirit of flexibility appears to be thriving amid the pandemic.

The 7 Best Sites to Find Freelance Art Jobs Online

Freelance artists have quite a lot of options for showcasing their skills in this era. The most preferred channels for marketing were normally portfolio sites and social media. But those aren't the only options now. 

Freelance websites have taken the world by storm. They will assist you in selling your art to a wider audience of prospective customers. Let’s flick through some of the best platforms where people come to search for freelance artists for hire.

  1. TaskShift

freelance art jobs online

TaskShift offers a platform that connects clients with freelancers from around the globe. There are hundreds of specialized services that are being offered at TaskShift, such as graphic design, software development, digital marketing, content marketing, and freelance illustration jobs.

Getting started with TaskShift is also easy. You simply need to sign up for the TaskShift marketplace, create your portfolio, and verify your details. Once your profile is verified, you can browse the freelance marketplace, go to Illustration under the Graphic Design category, and create your offer.

What’s make TaskShift a suitable freelance platform for both inexperienced and professional freelancers is that TaskShift charges only 3% commission from freelance orders. Comparatively, it is the lowest ever commission any other platform is charging in the industry. Plus, all your money is protected with Escrow and TaskShift’s Dispute Policy.

  1. 99Designs

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99designs is a design-centered site that links freelancers with both local and international clients. The site caters to private designers by offering various job opportunities while allowing them to collaborate with other artists through online communities. 

From T-shirt designs and brand stationery to websites, freelance artists can easily display their work and respond to briefs quickly. Moreover, freelancers can collaborate directly with customers, sending mockups and receiving feedback all in one location, without the need for lengthy email chains. 

This site also offers contests where you’ll be able to put up your work and earn a reward if your design gets selected by the client.

The cost of a contest varies depending on the type of design. Designers set their own rates for 1-to-1 projects. 99designs takes a 5% share from customers and 5-15% from artists, based on their expertise level. 

  1. SimplyHired

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SimplyHired, a popular job search platform, is ideal for both seasoned and inexperienced freelancers. You can search for freelance artist jobs in your region by using filters like location and date posted. What’s more, is that you may also use the salary tool to get an idea of how much the artists make in your region.

It doesn't take much longer to find art jobs on SimplyHired, and there's no cost to sign up. The only thing to keep in mind with such a large database is that you don't get distracted and spend a lot of time looking for work than you do on profitable tasks.

  1. ProFinder On LinkedIn

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LinkedIn ProFinder, which was launched in 2015, connects freelancers with first-rate leads and prospects. The platform is suitable for freelancers with experience in fields such as graphic design, editing, marketing, and photography.

However, to be eligible for gigs, you must first go through an acceptance process. Independent contractors will get updates on prospective customers and projects once they have been approved.

  1.   Working Not Working

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Working Not Working's (WNW) goal is to associate talented creatives with forward-thinking companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, and Nike. WNW has a reputation for providing high-quality gigs as well as features that are beneficial to freelancers. 

Rather than you seeking out prospective employers, the company will hit you up if it believes you are a good candidate. 

  1.   Behance