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Ask These 6 Deep- Rooted Questions Before Hiring a Freelance Logo Designer

You must have heard that famous saying; “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, if this is the case, your brand image should be up to sniff to stand out in the jam-packed market. 

While on a pursuit to hire a freelance logo designer, you need to evaluate their skill set and past experience. Ironically, the less you know about the field, the more reasons are there that you ought to hire an expert logo designer who knows a great deal. So, what are the best questions to ask a designer before assigning them a project?

In this article, we’ll walk you through the right questions that can help you find the right talent for your business.

Dig Deeper and Don’t Forget to Ask These 6 Important Questions

This analysis unwraps with simple questions and then proceeds with more detailed and complex ones. You can either follow the exact order of our questions or reorganize them according to your preference.

1. Can You Share Your Portfolio?

creative logo designer

When you start probing whether or not a logo designer is a right fit for your requirements, the first thing you should look into is the designer’s portfolio. It is akin to checking a candidate’s resume for employment, but it tells you even more than just a resume.

If their portfolio is not published online, ask them to provide samples individually. Looking at them through your intellect, while they provide background information, will let you absorb it on a whole new level.

Don’t only look for creativity and quality, but also consider if their work style matches your expectations.

2. What Would You Need from My Side?

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While you have plenty of questions for the potential logo designer, they will certainly have some questions for you too. Get set to answer the list of questions a designer would ask at the beginning of a project.

Your logo designer may like to know about your business’s mission and vision, and then move on to your target industry and consumers. You would undoubtedly be the one to ideally know your brand, so try to be as descriptive as possible. 

The process would entail diving deep and acquiring as much information as they require in order to create your brand logo.

3. What Is Your Usual Turnaround Time?

logo designer

This question is a bit evident, but it’s really important to ask. Once you’ve delivered your project details and your expectations with it, ask for an estimation of their turnaround time. 

To know when your final logo design will be ready is very important so that you plan things accordingly. Make sure that your logo designer is able to produce work that fits your predetermined timeframe. 

As important as this question is, it is of even greater importance to take a follow-up on what would be your designer’s strategy if a project takes longer than expected? Obviously, things don’t always turn out to be as planned. It’s better not to throw caution to the wind and clarify all the risks prior to the initiation of any project.

At times, the logo designer may additionally charge you for the extra time consumed or may totally revise their original pricing. It’s best to wipe out any issues before they arise because well begun is half done!

4. Can You Explain Your Design Process?

logo design

Before you make up your mind, you must catch on with the logo designer about their design process. Some designers follow a different approach to logo designing while some go along with the latest trends. Ask the designer for every little detail you can ponder upon, from the beginning to the completion of the design phase.

This whole story must include details about the first draft submissions, the number of revisions, the would-be color scheme for your logo, and the deliverables. These are just a few basic details, however, you can always present your additional queries to your logo designer to get an even clearer picture.

The more you probe into the creativity and work process of your logo designer, the more you’ll understand what makes them stack up against other logo designers.

5. What Will Be the Deliverables and Who Owns the Rights to The Final Design?

creative logo designers

Now, this is one important question you should never hesitate to ask your logo designer. Decide beforehand if you want high-resolution file formats or the design file itself because the charges for both may differ a great deal. 

If in case, you wish to have additional design samples in the final delivery, ask for them prior to awarding your project. But of course, your logo designer would charge extra for it. Don’t make a blunder of discussing the deliverables after the project completion but always make everything clear prior to making an agreement. 

As soon as your logo is completed, make sure you get all the rights to own your design from your logo designer. Also, it is recommended to get the vector files of your logo design to make it easily used anywhere.

How Do You Deal with Client’s Conflict?

logo design expert

Last but not least, one important thing which carries weight is to know how your logo designer deals with clients’ conflicts and how well they accept disagreement or criticism from the client. Well, you’re indirectly referring to yourself!

This question may seem a little straight to the logo designer — but it would uncover whether or not the designer is actually concerned about satisfying the client.

You must be looking for a logo designer who has the ability to back up his/her work and selections while enlightening the non-designers. But, you must also be looking for a humble and skilled person whose core aim would be to satisfy the client. It’s a sensitive choice between the two and you need to look into the designer’s answer to know exactly where they fall on the spectrum.

Hire A Professional Logo Designer Now 

You would need a skilled logo designer to either update your present business identity or fashion something new from the shapeless ideas clamped together in your mind.

Whether you have your own logo ideas, or you want an expert logo designer to perfectly encapsulates your brand’s personality, you don’t need to worry because TaskShift marketplace offers you some of the best logo designers.

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