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Answering the Elusive Question: How Much to Charge for Business Card Design

  • 26 March, 2021
Answering the Elusive Question: How Much to Charge for Business Card Design

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The cost of designing a business card can go as high as thousands of dollars and as low as only 5 dollars. Factually speaking, the cost of a professional business card can greatly vary on how you are getting it designed.

In this blog post, we'll go over each aspect of business cards' pricing and the reasons why the business cards' design cost differ.

4 Pricing Models for Business Card Design

You can create your business cards in a variety of ways. Here's a breakdown of each option and why you should choose it – or not.

1. Do-It-Yourself Design

Business Card Design

Obviously, designing your own business cards is the most cost-effective choice. You can create your own business card using free design platforms like Canva

If you have a design background and are comfortable with design tools, the process is simple; if you don't, you'll most likely end up using a template. This is typically the cheapest choice for getting a business card designed, but the end result will most likely be generic.

You will be charged up to $50 if you use a template, and don't forget that when designing your own business cards, you'll also need to get the designs printed, which would account for bulk costs.

2. Design Contests

professional Business Card Design

A design contest might be a decent option for you when you're not sure what design style you’re looking for and want to see a lot of design ideas from different designers. 

The following are the typical prices for business card design contests gathered from various sources:

  • $300 and $500: for about 40 different designs

  • $500 and $800: for about 60 designs 

  • $800 and $1,000: for about 20 high-end designs

  • $1,000 or more: for around 50 premium designs

    3. Freelance Designers

    Freelance business card Designers

    Working directly with a freelance business card designer is the best option when you know exactly what you want and just need someone to bring your vision to life.

    Depending on the freelancer you work with, costs can range from as low as $10 to as high as $999. There are freelancing platforms that offer the best design services at the most affordable rates as well. 

    Freelance designers devote their time to designing custom, one-of-a-kind business cards that will help you stand out from the crowd. You can always browse the TaskShift marketplace to look for a professional business card designer who meets your budget and skill-set requirement. 

    Costs for freelance designers typically range from $5 for basic card design to as high as $50+ for high-end cards.

    4. Design Agencies

    business card Designers

    Going for a design agency is the most expensive of all the available options. 

    If you hire an agency to work on your project, they will assign a team of creative designers to design and plan your logo, business card, and brand identity. They also ensure that your visual style is consistent across all of your platforms, rounding out the entire package.

    However, the cost can be expensive for most businesses out there. The following reflects a typical agency’s costs, depending on your needs and budget:

    • $2,500$3,500 for a local agency

    • $3,500$5,000 for a small agency

    • $5,000more for a mid-sized agency

    Which Is the Most Reliable and Cost-Effective Option?

    business card designer online

    Each option has its pros and cons. But you ought to make a choice which weighs greater in advantages. There has always been a debate of who to hire; a freelance designer or a design agency?

    Well, first and foremost, you need to analyze your budget. You may find a top-class graphics designer at lower rates if you search smartly, but a design agency would cost you big bucks because even their starting prices are much higher than an experienced freelance business card designer.

    According to a market research report by IBISWorld, around 90% of the overall industry participation is made up of freelance graphic designers. And businesses that work with freelancers are likely to cut costs by almost 30%.

    Thus, it’s best if you hire an expert business card designer from an online freelance marketplace that offers you tons of talents all under one roof. 

    Does a Freelance Designer Provide Timely Customer Service?

    Does a Freelance Designer Provide Timely Customer Service?

    At freelance marketplaces, service providers have to maintain good ratings and reviews so that they can receive a higher number of new and recurring projects. So, yes, a freelance designer will definitely provide you with timely delivery of your order, providing that you equip them with all the necessary details that can help them with the designing as per your expectations.