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7 Tips That Can Help You Hire Talented Freelance Graphic Designers

  • 26 February, 2021
7 Tips That Can Help You Hire Talented Freelance Graphic Designers

In your day-to-day business operations, there are many things that you would need to make your business stay afloat. For instance, you would constantly need the services of a graphic designer to help you undertake and finish the design projects as assigned by your global clients.

But design is an art and it is always subjective. To some, art may look like a scribble but to the keen of eyes, it can reflect meaningful thoughts and concepts. To deliver your clients the best of graphic design work, you need someone who has keen eyes for great designs, a creative flair, and experience.

Here, you may require the services of a freelance graphic designer because as compared to an in-house designer, a freelance resource proves to be much cost-effective and helpful.

Important Tips to Hire a Freelance Graphic Designer

# 1 – Check Prior Experience

Having good experience can be very helpful in the field. Before you hire a graphic designer, check their portfolio and go through their work. Once you’re done, you should check their social media presence as well because most designers keep uploading their work on their social media pages and Instagram profiles. A graphic designer who has experience can create designs that are sure to astound the audience.

freelance graphic designer

Going through previous experience will let you know if the designer is up to the job or not. If you feel that the freelance graphic designer is not up to the task, then you can always choose to ignore the designer and hire someone else.

At TaskShift, you will have plenty of options to look into. You can easily choose someone who is the right fit for your project.

# 2 – Check for Work Consistency

Work consistency is one of the most important factors that you should keep in mind before hiring a freelance graphic designer. Work consistency shows how passionate a graphic designer is. A designer that does not fall for temporary trends and maintains his work consistency is someone you should choose for your business. It’s important to look for a designer who didn’t just become famous by trends but is actually reliable and can deliver on his projects.

# 3 – Your Goals and Objectives Should be Drafted

You need to have a clear understanding of your own objectives in order for the graphic designer to work on the project as per your expectations. Before you hire a designer, ask yourself whether you understand your objectives clearly or not.

Do you need any more planning before talking to a designer?  These are the questions you should ask yourself before hiring or conducting a meeting with a freelance designer.

You should draft your goals and objectives and make sure that no more planning is needed. Your drafted goals and objectives will make it easier for a designer to understand what type of designs you expect.

# 4 – Look for Diversity

Now, when the world is a global village, you can make your product reach almost any part of the world. People from different countries can see your product on social media and on the internet. The thing that can make your product more attractive to people in different countries is the diversity in your product designs.

freelance designer

So, before hiring a graphic designer, you should make sure whether he is able to adapt his designs in accordance with diverse cultures or not. If your designer’s portfolio reflects the diversity you have chosen the right person. A graphic designer who adapts to different cultures and the values of people can successfully market your product globally.

# 5 – Plan a Meetup

You should plan a meetup when you hire a freelance designer. You should give your designers enough time to complete their work. Time given to them should not be too short or too long. A planned schedule will not only help you in your work but will also motivate your designer to work hard and complete the work on time.

If you plan your schedule accordingly, there will be no misconceptions in the future as both parties will be aware of the timeline.  A planned schedule will save you from any dispute that can happen in the absence of a proper schedule.

If you hire freelance graphic designers at TaskShift, we’ll make sure that no such scenario happens that leads to disputes. And if in case there is a dispute between you and your freelancer, we take the lead and resolve the matter fairly.

# 6 – A healthy Incentive Package

What motivates a graphic designer is the incentive packages you are offering to pay them once the work is completed. The better the incentives, the better the designs you will receive. Before hiring a freelance graphic designer, you should make up your mind about how much you are willing to pay.

Once decided then you can take a step forward in hiring a freelance designer. Good pay will motivate your freelance graphic designer and they will make sure to provide you with good quality designs.

hire a graphic designer

And if you decide to hire the freelancers at TaskShift, you will find competitive rates because we don’t actually like taking high commission rates. Our commissions are much lower than the others. We like to ensure that you find better offers, and we make sure to secure your payments until the work is done.

# 7 – Feedback of Their Previous Clients

You should look for the feedback their previous clients have given them. Feedback is the most important thing you shouldn’t ignore when hiring someone. It tells you whether your designer was able to satisfy their previous clients or not.

If the feedback is positive, and their previous clients were happy with the work, then that ultimately means the designer would be reliable. It works as a signal that you’ve come to the right person. If the feedback is not good, you should change your route immediately and hire another graphic designer.


Keep these 7 steps in your mind before hiring a freelance graphic designer. These 7 steps will help you every time you need to hire a freelance designer.